In 4 decades, 18 times increase in rape cases

We may call it looking confidence in Khaki or daring of committing atrocities on women, rapes cases, the alarming facts reveals that there is 18 times increase in the last four decades in Metro cities. As compared to 1971, not only 18 times increase in rape cases in Delhi but in other metro cities there is rapid increase in other cities.
1971-2012 :
City.       1971. 1981. 1991. 2001. 2011
Delhi.       39.    78.   195.   326.   572
Mumbai.   55.   74.   114.   127.   221
Kanpur.    18.    45.   51.    66.    100
Kolkata.   09.   24.   38.    75.     46
According to National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB), report of 2011, it has been reported that in 44 cities of the country, the Delhi is at No.1 and Mumbai at No.2 in rape cases. Delhi Police is trying to ignore it’s responsibility by saying that in most of the rape cases, the accused are are either known or nearest relatives. The increase in rape cases clearly shows that the rapists are not having terror of police.
The movements of women in cabs or auto are becoming unsafe.
As per the version of President, Delhi Mahila Commission, in the capital city, the people are open minded and men wants to keep their status above women. The population n of Mumbai is too much as compared to Delhi, but they are more aware. In Delhi, people still have to move from pillar to post to get the rape cases.
In fact, the common man has to be made aware of the police administration and legal rights to come out of the fear of Khaki and only after that the people, especially women can have confidence in police otherwise the gang rape cases like that of Delhi would contin7ue to happen in the society. Besides formulation of stringent law for punishment in rape cases by setting up Fast Track Courts to give justice to the satisfaction of victims.
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