Shameful Saturday: It is time for awakening

Remove discrimination between boy and girl from childhood
With the death of a girl victim of the horrific gang rape in Delhi on shameful Saturday, even after getting treatment at one of the best hospital in world at Singapore, Indian judiciary must think to declare the teasing with women as a serious crime with punishment as rare of rarest.
Where there is a worship of woman, their lives deity, we have listened and spoken in India since decades but only problem is that they are not implemented.
There are certain areas of national shame in India and one of them is ill-treatment with women. In Mandir, women power is worshipped but in houses they are ignored and this peculiar opposing attitude has become our identification. Right from house to school and then in offices also, the women are given a different treatment and we all have become used to it and nothing wrong is seen in it.
The incident may be of teasing a girl in the crowd on the roads or by a senior police officer compelling Ruchika Girhotra to commit suicide or incidents of committing suicide on eve teasing like that in Patiala, the society just corner it after reading in the newspapers. At the most, Women Rights Commission takes some action by simply forwarding to the concerned authority and some of the active NGOs do rallies and agitations against such incidents as what happened recently in Delhi. Nobody bothers as to what happens after this? This is the reason that now Supreme Court has to give directions in this regard as suo-motto and issued instructions to all state governments to make some laws by treating the teasing with women as a big crime.
Justice K.S.Radhakrishanan bench has said that the girls and women have to move out of house in connection with education and service and under Act 21 of Constitution of India, it is necessary to provide them protection. The directions issued by the Supreme Court have to be implemented with regard to posting of security staff at the prominent places besides installing of CCTV cameras and notifying the Helpline by the state governments. There is nothing new in these instructions expect these have now been issued by the Apex Court. But despite all this, there has been no check on the crimes against women.
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