Electricity shortage is weakening farmers economically : God of Weather is also not helping with timely rains

Despite the fact that Akali-BJP government is claiming of surplus of electricity in the coming three years but the present position is that electricity shortage has become a big problem of the state. The people have high expectations hen the administration of electricity was handed over to the private sector but it happened otherwise.
At the first instance, it was being observed that the consumption of electricity is due to summer season but due to irregular supply during the chilly winter season, the people have become aggressive towards the government. Every time, due to irregular supply of electricity, the mostly affected is farmers’ community as during the winter season, the wheat sowing was being done by the farmers with the help of the generators by consuming the diesel at high cost. It is presumed that during the summer, the farmers became a victim of sun stroke and in winters, “Indra Devta” (God of Weather) is also not helping the farmers with timely rains and is rather taking their exam with no rains during the season.
Amarjit Singh a farmer of Bare said, they have to use generate to save the wheat crop due to non-supply of electricity. He said, for irrigation of one acre of land, the consumption of generation for one hour is 5 lit of diesel costing about Rs.1000, with the result they are becoming economically weaker and due to non supply of electricity, they have no hope from the Powercom also.
On the other hand, Punjab Power Supply Corporation is claiming of no shortage of electricity in the state and is sufficient to meet the requirement of the farmers and there are no cuts. Against the demand of 967 lakh units, the availability is 943 lakh units rather 117 lakh Unit power is being give to other states which could be taken at the time its need.
The claim of the Powercom is on papers and practically, the supply to rural as well as urban area is not regular and there are frequent cuts. Due to technical faults, the farmers are facing the regular supply of electricity and it is likely to affect the survival of crop and ultimately on yield at the time it’s harvesting. This is the reason; the farmer’s community is losing its interest in agriculture as they are compelled to irrigate the crop by purchasing the high cost diesel and also not getting the reasonable price of the product. High cost of labour, diesel and electricity shortage is weakening the farmers economically
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