Kejriwal’s demands genuine, style wrong

Kejriwal & party has to rethink over its style of work to leave an impact
The concern of Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister Delhi and Chief of Aam Aadmi Party, is understood to everyone and in case he wants the Delhi police to be answerable to the public, there is nothing wrong in that.  The demands of Kejriwal to bring the Delhi police under the control of State government are also not illegal but there is definitely a space for having a debate on the style of demanding of the same.
 How far it is correct to sit on the road by the Chief Minister along with his Cabinet?  That too, when the preparations for the Republic Day celebrations on January 26 are going on and the situation in the city is quite tense from security point of view.
Kejriwal is annoyed with the Delhi police on three issues.  According to him, the action of Delhi police in the case of rape of Denmark national woman is slow and despite the complaint lodged by the Women and Child Development Minister Rakhi Birla, in a murder case due to dowry demand, no action has been initiated by the police rather tried to virtually destroy to evidence. But the major problem is refusing the police to raid the house in Malviya Nagar on the complaint of Law Minister Somnath Bharti.
In fact, Bharti had suspected that drug and sex racket is being run from this house and Kejriwal had demanded a action against those police officials who had refused to honour Bharti’s reaquest. In the first two issues, the weaknesses of Delhi police are understandable. The incident occurred with Denmark lady in the thickly populated area. The police patrolling is said to be the main reason behind such incidents and taking lightly the rape and dowry cases has become a part of habits of Delhi police. This is the reason, the accused are scot-free.  But the third is totally different.  Delhi Law  Ministers must be knowing the benefits of raid by the police but the issues related to women and that too of foreign nationals, it is very difficult to initiate action instantly without going into the detailed facts. The charges must be based on some facts and to deal with the same, there are certain fixed  norms. How Kejriwal and his minister can advocate by ignoring them?
Up till now, every chief minister has put a demand to bring the Delhi police under him but there was no agitation and protests were organized. Whenever, the elected members become a part of the government and its system, then it is expected that they should do the work within the framework to find out the way to the solutions of the problems.  In case everyone goes against the system while working in the system, then whole system could be in danger.  We can do good work while being within the system, when the system is maintained and the people have faith in it.
In case, Kejriwal and his party members want to leave an impact of their working on the minds of the people of the nation, they have to re-think over their working style to run the government.
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