Sonia is not worried about nation and society but for making PM to Rahul

At this moment, it is difficult to say as to what will be the impact on the nation, of the reaction by the people on Delhi gang rape but the victim girl got the status of Daughter of the Nation. After this incident, some people in the government may feel the gap or the size of fissure, cropped up between the people and the government.
In fact, this gap was clearly seen when one after the other scam was coming on surface and there are agitation throughout the country. The incident of Delhi gang rape has further broadened this gap. The attitude of the government is increasing the aggressiveness of the middle class people and it is also clearly seen that not only the government, but political circle attitude is also anti-people now. They are not concerned with the nation and its people but with their personal benefits in power and politics. This is the reason the government is giving no heed towards the increasing incidents of crimes. There is an increase of 874 per cent in rape cases in the country between 1971 and 2001.
Had the government been sensitive and emotional, the laws and social reforms would have been initiated. But Manmohan Singh government is worried only as to how quickly implement the economic policies of the west. On the other hand, the worry of Sonia Gandhi is limited to making Rahul Gandhi as Prime Minister of India. The thinking of middle class is that both have their own personal interests and not about the nation and society. Both do not have a time for administrative works resulting in declining the standard of administration. In every 20 minutes, one woman is being raped in India besides the increase in murder rate though it is following the rape cases.
In such circumstances, the image of police has further gone down. It is the duty of the police to put a check on crimes but now there is a flood in the politics. About one-fourth of the MPs in Lok Sabha are dented and tainted with the result the police is not in a position to do its work sincerely and honestly and due to political interference is losing its powers day by day.
In fact, a nexus has been created between the corrupt administration, police and politicians giving a fillip to various crimes and this is one of the reason that government is not coming forward to formulate stringent laws relating to rape cases because rapists are there in the law makers itself. Not only this, in case the laws relating to rape are amended, the demand for amendment in other laws would also come up. Our political community is enjoying the powers under this discretion of weak laws and why they should think of changing the toothless laws.
The urbanites are now against the alliance government despite the fact the news about rapes are coming from every corner of the country. There were number of such news from Haryana but the people have awaken only after the Delhi gang rape. There was also news from Punjab that one girl committed suicide for not registration of a rape case by the police. One police officer was murdered by the Akali Dal leader as he protested the teasing of his daughter by the political person.
Under all odd circumstances, it is presumed that state governments have to bow before the pressure of the people because the media has started highlighting the grievances of the people more than earlier. An immediate solution to these problems is not possible, the way the image of political group has gone down.
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