Learned Katju once again landed in controversy on saying “Judiciary can enforce laws but cannot make laws”

Justice Markandey Katju, Chairman, Press Council of India, has once again landed in controversy by expressing his reservation on Supreme Court’s verdict of banning MPs/MLAs, called by asking it to review its decision as ‘judiciary cannot make laws”.
Justice Markandey Katju, before becoming chairman of prestigious Press Council of India was a Judge of the Supreme Court of India elevated from Chief Justice of Delhi Court, Madras High Court and as acting Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court.
In fact, Justice Markandeya Katju has always been in controversy by commenting on sensitive issues which lead to unnecessary controversies rather sensationalizing the issue. He has touched various categories including social, political, judicial, bollywood issues. Once he made a general appeal on behalf of Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt to provide mercy and not to jail him which too attracted severe criticism from all sections of people of the country. Even media has not been spared by him despite being a chairman of PCI by commenting to determine minimum qualification for journalists being a developed profession.
He also advocated merger of Pakistan with India as if having special love for Pakistan and it will fill the vacuum of ‘integrity’ gap between the two countries. It is also not understood as to why he was seeking merger of Pakistan alone with India leaving the Bangladesh, Sri Lank, Nepal, Myanmar apart from Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and China.
Coming to the recent controversy now when Press Council of India chairman justice Markandey Katju has expressed reservation over the recent Supreme Court verdict, barring convicted lawmakers from contesting polls, saying it should be reviewed as “judiciary cannot make laws”.
Coming to the recent controversy, the decision of the Supreme Court to court struck down Section 8 (4) of the Representation of the People’s Act 1951 which protects convicted lawmakers against disqualification on ground of pendency of appeal against their conviction in higher court has been welcomed a landmark judgement and conviction will lead to instant disqualification of the lawmakers from the date of conviction and elected representative convicted of a crime cannot continue in office, even if they appeal to a higher court
During his tenure in Allahabad High court, he commented on the court itself as ‘something rotten in Allahabad High Court’. Then, very recently, the comments that 90 per cent of Indians termed stupid by him, also brought him in limelight. Even media was not spared by saying that irresponsible reporting of terrorist attacks by the media leads to communalism in the country. He further went ahead to say that media portrays the Muslims as a devil as whenever there is a blast in any part of the country, media says that some terrorists organizations like Jaish-e-Mohammad or India Mjahideen have accepted the responsibility.
The controversies created by him are endless. Some time people like him, give the controversial statements to remain in limelight or whatever other reasons may be behind it. Anyhow, Justice Katju’s comments have strong logics. But since the governments are working property to take care the interests of the people and the nation as well, this is the only reason that the courts have overpowered the lawmakers. At the same time, the lawbreakers cannot be lawmakers.
Honestly speaking, ‘Learned’ Katju was confined within the four walls of the courts all these years and he should not play with the security of the country merely to remain in limelight in the media by giving the controversial statements from time to time, to maintain his credibility.
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