Proposed amendment in RTI Bill is mockery with Indian democracy

The proposed amendment to keep the political parties out of the ambit of the RTI Act  for curtailing right to know is unconstitutional and cannot be taken without discussing it with the public and taking its consent.   No doubt, excessive transparency is threat to democracy but at the same time, keeping all the major political parties out of its ambit, is a mockery with democracy.
The ruling by Central Information Commissioner (CIC) to bring the major six political parties – Congress, BJP, CPI, CPM, NCP and BSP, under RTI Act, to which the RTI led by UPA government led by RTI Champion Congress, itself  seeking amendment in the RTI Act.
The RTI Act introduced 2005, with promises of transparent, corruption-free, centered for public interest welfare administration, have raised another big question about the survival of democratic system in India and people have right to know about political parties which re run on the money donated by the public.A voter has the right to know as to from where they get the money and how the money is sent on different heads.
It is more surprising that the political parties on certain issues relating to the common man are having different opinions while passing the same but when the issue relating to themselves have come up for amendment in RTI Act, all have united at one platform. What to say of this, even the EC is relaxing the decision on freebies in favour of deserving class.
In another decision of the EC, the continuance of MPs/MLAs in the event of  alleged to be guilty in criminal cases, would no longer continue to occupy their office.  The plea taken by the government is that the security of MP/MLAs is necessary in view of their pending appeal so that Parliament proceedings are also run.
Now with the amendment in the Billl, the political parties would be exempted from making public the income and expenditure details.  It is but natural to oppose such decisions which are in the interest of the people as the existing politics is standing on the corrupt politicians and capitalists where the interest of the common man are having any place. However, everyone agrees right from BJP to CPI that the public which gives hard earned money to the political parties, is not having right to know the facts.  It is the biggest unfortunate on the part of the system that the political parties are united on vested interests when people who have elect the MPs/MLAs unite against this decision and comes forward to make a law to stop this even.  The seriousness of the parties could be seen from the fact that the Parliament has not yet been able to form any law to deal with the corruption and to bring reform in selections. The issue of Lok Pal is pending for the last more than four decades.
Generally, the politicians want to remain silent on the issue of corruption based politics but sometimes it comes out with the slip of tongue of the politicians.  A controversy has cropped up with the statement of Congress MP Virendera Singh that one of the Rajya Sabha member has told him that to become a member, his estimate was of about Rs.100 crore but he could manage in Rs.80 crore.  He expressed his concern that a person who will become MP by spending such a heavy amount, as to how he could thing about the poor.
It is a separate thing that later on, Varendera Singh too, like other politicians backed out  from his statement but with this statement, the factual status of Indian politicians have come on surface as to how they are murdering the democracy by establishing the corrupt system. In another statement by Gopinath Munde, senior leader and Lok Sabha Member of BJP had said of spending Rs.8 crore on his election.
It is now an established fact that use of money in politics is increasing day by day and this money is not of common people but of corporate sector.  When the political party comes in power, then instead of making policies in the interest of common man, the policies are framed by the corporate and capitalists itself.  This is the reason that the people of India are becoming poor and the economy of the country is staggering.  Now with the introduction of Bill against RTI in the Lok Sabha, a new chapter of controversy has been opened.
What I feel is that the politicians are working on the theory that whatever law they are making for the public, they are not applicable on them.  It looks that they are not habitual to work within the frame work of law.  The politics also looks to be now for only grabbing power that too for personal and vested interests apart from looking after the families and not for service to the country.  The MPs wants to keep themselves above those laws which are applicable on the common man.   In case the political parties want to conceal the black money and people with criminal back ground should remain in politics, then one can well image the future of that country? In such circumstances, the public needs to be awaken and oppose it so that the future of the country is improved.
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