Tehlka itself becomes Tehlka

   Is Boss always right or wrong?

I have read this caption in one of the chamber of very senior officer in 80s – “There are two rules. No.1 – Boss is always right. No.2 – if the Boss is wrong, see rule No.1”.
In other words, Boss is always right even in the odd circumstances. Such quotes becomes meaningless when Boss himself is involved in controversy and in such a situation but it is not the time to say now that Boss is right or wrong.
Tehlka magazine was first launched in March, 2000 by Taruj J Tehjpal, born on March 15, 1963, an Indian journalist, publisher and novelist. He was the editor-in-chief and publisher of the magazine.
On 20 November 2013, Tehelka magazine informed its staff that Tejpal was stepping down as editor for six months, after a woman colleague alleged that she had been sexually assaulted by him.This received intense public attention and media scrutiny especially because Tejpal and his magazine had previously been involved in highlighting the issue of sexual violence in India, including in a special issue on the topic in February of the year. Police in the state of Goa, where the incident took place, have filed a First Information Report (FIR) which lists charges, including rape, against him. A non-bailable warrant has been issued against him by the Goa Police.
Shoma Chaudhury, Managing Editor of Tehlka magazine, who found herself in the eye of a storm of criticism on social media and television debates for her handling of the case, has also resigned. The details of assault have been reported on two occasions in Goa at Tejpal’s hands during the magazine’s Think Fest. She sought a probe committee as laid down by the apex court in the 1997 Vishaka judgment. But Shoma failed to set it up immediately and to inform the police of a cognizable offence.
Tehlka, where the recent sexual abuse case of Tarun Tejpal has surfaced, had no internal panel in place despite the same being compulsory under the Act.
With the surfacing of sexual abuse case of Tarun Tejpal, the future of the magazine hangs in balance, with its editor facing a criminal trial, managing editor and key staff leaving, advertisers wary and the brand tarnished.
Even the Alchemist Group founder and Trinamool Congress MP Kanwar Deep Singh, whose companies are the largest shareholders in Tehelka publisher Anant Media, are of the view that the magazine’s future appeared dark to him and they too are consulting other investors on the future of the company and how to salvage our investment. We are concerned about the staff there.
Now the ball is in the court of Goa government as the investigation are going on and is seeking non-bailable warrants (NBW) against Tarun Tejpal is his failure to appear before the crime branch.
Another version from police has come that Shoma may also be booked on her failed to inform the police of cognizable offence. However, she announced that Tejpal’s unconditional apology and his six-month sabbatical from work was more than what the victim had demanded in the email.
Only the time will tell as to which way the wind blows as the truth is yet to come on surface.

The sponsoring of Think Fest by compromising not to publish certain inside stories of the government and individuals has also been exposed by one of the news channel, the case is like to find a new turn but one questions remains on the front – Can Tehlka survive the debacle brought upon it by its founder? Only then, we can say – Boss is always right or wrong. But, Boss is not always right, he too sometimes wrong which could only be pointed out by others as we are watched minutely by others.
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