Aam becomes Khas : Aam Aadmi Party sets cat among pigeons : Now Anna must support Kejriwal to improve quality of politics in India

Aam Aadsmi Party (AAP) which entered first time in politics, has changed the meaning of politics in India by setting the cat among pigeons.
With the announcement of poll results in Delhi – BJP+SAD-32, Congress-8, AAP-28, JD(U)-1 and Independent-1, in favour of BJP and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), it becomes crystal clear that people wanted a change and reverse countdown of UPA-led Congress has started. AAP has become an obstacle in forming the government in Delhi as BJP too could not get the majority to form the government in Delhi. It looks that both Congress and BJP have underestimated the power of AAP even the Opinion Polls could not be project AAP.
AAP, which is just a year old party has now emerged as a key challenge for other two largest political parties – Congress and BJP – despite the fact that none of the survey had said that AAP will claim majority in the state but had indicated that hung assembly in the state. Both these parties are afraid of coming in front of the whole nation and their leaders stands declared as corrupt must be feeling nervous today.
There is a lot of difference between the politics of AAP, which is agenda based whereas Congress and BJP are doing money and liquor based politics. The reasons behind this is that they have never bothered to take care of the common man and beneficial schemes hardly reach the real beneficiaries otherwise there would not have been any need of forming the AAP.
Whatever may be the reasons behind the winning of AAP especially when the movement against corruption started against corruption by Anna Hazare with Arvind Kejriwal who is not with him now but how practical will be Arvind Kejriwal would be difficult to say now? AAP has changed the meaning of politics in India by setting certain standards by talking about numbers rather than making simple false promises. It would now be difficult both for Congress and BJP to sit carefully on their wet patched seats.
The only drawback seen is that both Anna and Hazare, who started jointly a campaign against the courrption to change the system are partying the ways and Anna is not supporting Kejriwal, which confuses the people about whom they should follow. When Kejriwal has been recognized by the people of Delhi, now Anna must support him so that quality of politics is improved apart from standard of our Parliament and State Assemblies.
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