Changing concept of voters brings new dimension in Indian politics

With no majority in Delhi elections, Faiz Ahmed Faiz couplet befits well : Intzaar tha jis ka, yeh woh sehar to nahi – Not that morning for which we were waiting.
After 66 years of independence of India, the Indian politics – Aam Aadmi Party – have create a history and changed the meaning of politics from the Capital of India Delhi by defeating three times Congress Chief Minister, Sheila Dixit.
In fact, the people are fed up from the system which has not been able to control the high inflation rate, unemployment, corruption, scams etc. and wanted a change. The dream has been fulfilled by AAP led by Arvind Kejriwal as his party rose as an alternative. People noticed their effort or their will to bring about a change for a better India.
If Mahatma Gandhi is considered the Father of the Nation, Kejriwal should be accepted as the Guardian of the Nation. Had Anna Hazare and Kiran Bedi, after amicable settlement over the ideology, could have wiped out the Congress completely in recently conducted assembly elections in Delhi and three other states – Rajasthan, Chattisgarh and Madhya Pardesh.
After every five years, the power key goes on changing from one hand to another but the politics style and strategies remain the same. Perhaps the poem by Faiz Ahmed Faiz looks to be befitting in view of not getting the majority in Delhi by Kejriwal – Intzaar tha jis ka, yeh woh sehar to nahi – This is the not that morning for which we were waiting. The new morning of politics might come late but the results of four states have definitely sparked the light of hope, of which the vista could be seen in the capital of India – Delhi.
Just one year old Aam Aadmi Party is adding new feathers to its cap. AAP led of Arvind Kejriwal cannot be seen a elaboration as a result or salutation against the single Congress party. It is an indication of challenge against all the major political parties in India to introspect to give clean and qualitative administration.
AAP has brought the politics at the cross-roads out of its recognition as traditional politics as in MP, Shivraj Singh Chuahan – a politician with clean image – BJP is in power for the third time and this achievement is not less than anybody else even AAP party. This has happened so because he has assured development of weak states including the MP. Similar is the position in Chattisgarh.
It will not be wrong to see the assembly elections as semi-final for coming Lok Sabha elections but while thinking so, the parties should not forget the faces of leaders breaking the traditions in politics who are subject to acceptance by the voters and must try to maintain their image keeping themselves away from the scams and taking care of the common man while formulating the policies.
At the same time, the voters too have to be more intelligent to bring the majority in the party to avoid re-elections and avoiding burden on the contestants and government as well.
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