Delhi Polls : What next ? Single, Coalition government or President’s rule – Over to Dec. 8

With 67 per cent polling in Delhi, still some of the exit polls are expecting a hung assembly Delhi. In such circumstances, one would be compelled to think – What would be the next move ?
Three major parties – Congress, BJP or AAP – are claiming to form the government But the fight seems to be between Congress and BJP as AAP has just been introduced now, has hardly any chance to open its account even. So far as Congress is concerned, too has less changes being lost its image due to high inflation, scams and poor plans. The only party left is BJP, which may form a coalition government with the support of other parties. This time BJP has a full support of Akali and BJP from Punjab who have camped in Delhi for election campaign.
With such a trend, Delhi may come under President’s rule and in that even, fresh elections have to be conducted within six months from December 17y, the last day of the current assembly’s tenure.
This decision could only be taken once the election results are official announced and then Lt Gov Najeeb Jung will have to invite the leader of the single majority party which is predicted as BJP to explore the possibility of forming a government. At the same time, the opposition party has also to be called, the British convention of inviting the Opposition party when the ruling party has lost majority in the election.
These possibilities are only as all the three major parties have declared that they would not enter into any post-poll alliances and then having no other alternative except the President’s rule and elections may be held with the next Lok Sabha elections in 2014.
However, as per rule 5 of the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi Act, 1991, the legislative assembly, unless sooner dissolved, shall continue for five years from the date of appointment for its first meeting and no longer, and the expiration of the period of five years shall operate as dissolution of the assembly.
With the announcement of results on December 8, the new assembly msut be constituted by that date of this year as the Delhi assembly was appointed on December 18 in 2008. But the President’s rule will come into effect from the day the assembly stands dissolved that is, December 18 with continuing of existing government as Caretaker government.
Under President’s Rule in Delhi, the Lieutenant Governor becomes full-fledged executive head of the government and has the power to appoint a group of advisors who act as ‘council of ministers.’ Even when the Assembly is in suspended animation, it will still be open to political parties to forge a coalition with a majority support in the House.
All predictions would be failure if there is no majority party to form the government after the announcement of results. Only the December 8 will tell the voters trend which normally wants a changDELHI POLLS_DPe.
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