Bureaucracy will continue to rule, irrespective of any political party in power

Political parties must learn the art of baking “kheer” before its distribution
Whatever we could imagine in the new system, the start of the same we have seen with the formation of government in New Delhi by Arvind Kejriwal and company under the banner of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) basically started with NGO named ‘Parivartan’ – A Change, with a motive to bring total change in the working system of the government, of which the people were fed up. There is no denying the fact that Kejriwal has brought about a sea change in the game of politics.
Now the question is as to whether, AAP could fulfill its promises which it has committed during the past few months, with the people of Delhi – intentionally or un-intentionally. There is no doubt that in case in the coming five-six months, the results of the government are appreciated by the public, then chances of spreading of its fragrance in whole of the country are bright and the poll analysts will have to change their old style of analyzing the “Exit Poll”.
In fact, since 1977, the people stopped feeling the familiarity or attachment with any political party apart from having any positive or effective change. People started giving vote to the particular party because the party in the opposition was worse than that and perhaps, this was the reason that the governments were surviving and some where the political parties were discarded. But the bottom line is that in India, the image of all the governments is the same.
In fact, one particular category of people have taken the responsibility to be in power right top to root level and ruling the country in connivance with the bureaucracy by making the relations like – you scratch my back and I will scratch your back – and by raising the emotional issues. Will this scene change? One is always failed to believe but in case any test against the existing system is successful then its reaction could be seen like an atom bomb.
Arvind Kejriwal, who has recently shown the results just in one year’s through his Aam Aadmi Party, has the capacity to do such practically on which the whole country will be keeping its eye. For example, India being such a big country where the potential is too much has to think simultaneously for the productions like electricity while giving free supply or subsidized supply of power to the people.
Kejriwal’s integrity and sincerity would pay him rich dividend only when he makes the right moves at the earliest which he will learn with the passage of time despite pulls and pressures that have to be tackled on daily basis for revamping and re-engineering policies and programmes for the welfare of people especially low income groups..
Apart from this, to make the country corruption-free is a big challenge for the government
and Delhi government could, under the leadership of Kejriwal, have to become role model for whole of the country. However, all the political parties must learn the art of baking ‘kheer’ – sweet dish of rice boiled with milk and sugar – with its distribution. But till such time, the bureaucracy will continue to rule, irrespective of any political party in power.
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