Force behind forming national agenda are bureaucrats and not politicians

Since the independence of India in 1947, two major parties – Congress and BJP, of course alliance of regional parties- became the nation’s dominant political parties but after 66 years, the political parties have still not been able to unite on two platforms – ruling and opposition. Each party is concerned with establishing its own identity without bothering for forming the national parties with national agendas for the common man.
The third front has never been able to make its niche to take the either ruling or opposition seat. But recently, the verdict of common man on the movement of Aam Aadm Party in four states, against corruption, scandals and non-performance have compelled political parties to give them a time to introspect on real agendas. The AAP has changed the meaning of politics in India by setting certain standards by talking about numbers rather than making promises. The elected legislators should stop considering themselves to be above law and live by adopting the austerity measures to become a role model for others.
In fact, AAP has come as an alternative to both Congress and BJP and it will take time to become a substitute. It is also said that Congress and BJP are already in the race as an alternative and AAP is just spoiling the game. AAP with its symbolic symbol broom used for cleaning can sweep in the coming polls as it is flying high as newly branded political party and it is the compulsion of Congress and BJP to follow it. The people are fed up from the existing administrative system and wants change and change is always a spice in one’s life. The youth party doesn’t want to listen to any criticism and wants to give a sufficient time to AAP to enjoy the honeymoon.
AAP is in a hurry to give birth to more babies whereas only four months are left in the elections and it has so far identified only 10 states to feel the difference in numbers. It has plan to contest on 300 seats out of total 542 seats most of which are rural as the impact of AAP is seen in the cities.
The BJP is saying that Congress has no issue to reach among the people so far as the elections are concerned and it knows that the people intend to bring BJP in power at the Centre under the leadership of Narindera Modi. The wave of Modi is prevalent in the nation in which the Congress and its alliance parties, which has ruined the country, would be eliminated. The party is being condemned for increase in prices making for the common man to live comfortable. In other words, Congress is not removing the poverty but the poor.
The force behind the forming of agenda is not politicians but the system being run by other type of people called bureaucrats. The politicians, who are supposed to serve the country, call themselves as the follower of Mahatama Gandhi yet they go in for foul means and shady deals. They are concerned with to retain power by using all sorts of tactics like creating a vote bank, taking the shelter of religion, divide and rule policy and foul means. Frankly speaking, had the politicians got the Gandhi’s sincerity from the core of their heart, the plight of nation would not have been what it is today.
Since our bureaucrats are educated, intelligent and sincere yet they have failed to revitalize the system. They think that they are above the common man and like to live in their own style. The situation becomes problematic with the formation of a formidable politician-bureaucrat nexus in which corruption flourishes, transparency is lost and accountability is sidelined the policies are made by them suitable to the politicians. In the modern Indian system, the common man is just a mute spectator and AAP has emerged as relief to them so that they are not crushed at every step by the insensitive system irrespective of caste, religion, region or legacy.
So far as the agendas are concerned, Kejriwal’s AAP has captured the governance agenda, while Modi of BJP is already keeping his hands on development agenda. Congress is seen as without any agenda. Even it has not projected its PM candidate. In such a scenario, Congress has to exaggerate too much to reach the people with specific agenda especially when its leaders have already tarnished its image with involvement in scams.
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