Let us pledge to make an everyday a good day

he New Year has started with chilly winds throughout the North India and with the snow fall in the hilly areas, the tourists have started moving to enjoy the white bedded land in valleys. But, what about the homeless people?
It is 66 years back when on 15th August 1947, India got freedom with the sacrifice of various leaders and every year is full of hype and expectations. During these decades, Indian has seen many ups and downs, apart from making its niche at the global level and heading towards becoming a super-power in the world. Much still is to be done not for providing home to the homeless but for making available every facility right from food to education, jobs, health and happy retired evenings.
Every year has its own importance but the year 2013 has a unique significance when Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) created a history in the Indian politics, by forming the government in Delhi, with only one year’s standing, with sole agenda of providing the best corruption-free administrative services as the people were fed up with the present system. The AAP has sparked a ray of hope if it finds its support from one and all throughout the India.
We must welcome the New Year but by giving new meanings to our responsibilities towards the society, nation rather to every relations in which we are living which our fore-fathers have given to us. Like we speak and write for others, we live in relations with others.
Everybody should see the challenges before him and then try to not only to locate its solution rather be practical. We can start with opening of new accounts on the very first day of 2014 and this year can become a year of hopes and expectations. It could only be possible, if we all, especially the political leaders, bureaucrats who run the country keep in their mind to serve the humanity with commitments, dedication, devotion and honesty at all levels.
Merely making a list of manifestoes during the elections and passing certain legislations, forming some Acts would not suffice; the real service would be in its implementation. At the same time, it will be the responsibility of every citizen to honestly follow them only then we can create a healthy society and nation as well.
Let us pledge to make a everyday a good day.
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