There’s lot of difference between agitation and running the government

The politicians should think hundred times, rather extra conscious before giving any statement on the sensitive issues. In the agitations, the radical views are welcomed whereas in politics, one has to be balanced. In agitation, normally the truth is only one whereas in politics and in power, the truth has many faces. It is generally said that different people have different views and the art of politicians to come out with a solution in between the different views and truths. But there is not too much place for radical views.
However, it looks that Prashant Bhushan, leader of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), who is also a renowned advocate of Supreme Court, is ignorant about these tips of politics. First, a controversy cropped up over his views on the statement on Kashmir issue for referendum over the deployment of army in the Kashmir and now commenting for referendum of security forces against Maoists in the affected areas.
There are no two opinions that giving due respect to the wishes of people, associating them in the important decisions are the basis of survival of democracy. We should also understand that there is also a provision in our Constitution to deal with any emergency situations which allows the states to interfere to deal with the circumstances.
The Kashmir and Maoist issues could be seen in this context but the interference of states cannot be a regular feature as it is not a solution to the problem itself. Thus, there is definitely a need of creating a confidence among the states on the activities of terrorists and Maoists but needs to be given a priority.
Moreover, it is not one days’ job and it has to be seen as to whether the existence of forces is really helping the government or not. It is a complex issue and it has no radical solution. But the politicians must restrain themselves from giving statements on the sensitive issues.
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