Mobile phones are increasing speedily than population

It has become an important tool in list of requirements of people to attach them with the happenings in the world
The increasing population is a problem for the countries like India. But it is not a big problem for many Western countries in the world. In Japan, both birth and death rates are reducing very fast. The problem in that country is that the population of old person is too much as compared to children which are too less. The situation in Western countries is not that bad but they too are moving towards worst. Asian and African countries are worried form the increasing population and they spend major part of their energy and a budget to for its solution and because of these countries, the population in whole of the world is increase. Only one thing that is challenging the poupultion is the number of mobiles. The difference between the figures of population and mobiles is reducing so fast and the latest statistics shows that the number of mobiles against the figures of population is 87 per cent. It is expected that by the end ofthis year, the number of mobiles will be more than the population of human-beings and in 2017, its figure will reach 140 per cent of men’s population.
Meaning there, on an average, a family of five members will be having minimum 7 mobiles. The very interesting factor is that the maximum numbers of mobiles are in China followed by India while the America comes at third place. The latest figures shows that more than 89 crore mobiles are working in India against the population of around 1.26 billion. In other words, we can say that most of the busy people are having mobiles. But, is it in actual? We know that it is not true. Still there are certain places in our country where there are signals for mobiles. But how less the population of that area may be, there is no use of keeping mobile for them.
It is true that during the last few years, the mobile technique have become cheaper with the result the mobiles have reached even in the hands of poor people. The mobile instrument is now not confined to urban rather it has become an important part of one’s life even in rural areas. At the same time, the mobiles have not become so cheap that it could reach to the hands of crores of people living below the poverty line. No doubt, you will find certain persons in rural and urban areas keeping more than one mobile and this is the reason which disturb the percentage which can be called ‘Digital Divide’ in the case of Computer and Internet. For example, on the one side there are people who are having more than one mobile and on the other hand, there are people for whom keeping mobile is still a dream. This problem is almost in the countries in whole of the world, to whom we call developed countries who are still fighting to on control the population.
The welfare states try to empower the people by providing right to education and food but the time has come to add mobile in the list. Rather, mobile phone has become an important tool of list of requirements of the people to attach them with the happenings in the world.
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