Over to Voters ! – 49 days’ AAP government – Ball again in voter’s court

The circumstances compelled Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister, Delhi when the Congress and the BJP blocked the AAP government’s anti-corruption Bill in the Assembly with an outside support of the Congress.
The government of Aam Admi Party lasted for only 49 days and the ball is again in the voter’s court to think seriously while casting their vote to elect the party in majority to complete its full term.
During its 49 days’ government, it has take historic decisions which the earlier governments could not think even like – allowing daily 666 litres free water, giving 50 per cent subsidy in power bills, launching of anti-graft helpline to help people complain against any official seeking graft, banning use of red or blue beacons on officials cars to bring an end to VIP culture, ordering an SIT probe into the 1984 riots, ordering an FIR against the irregularities during the Common Wealth Games and ordering firs against Oil Minister Veerappa Moily, ex-Minister Murli Deora and RIL chief Mukesh ambani over gas pricing.
In 48 days of his regime, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal threatened to resign at least on three occasions. On 49th day, the stage was set at Aam Aadmi Party’s headquarter office located at Hanuman Road near Connaught Place for Kejriwal to announce his resignation.
AAP led by Arvind Kejriwal established its identity only in a span of one year with sole agenda of anti-corruption and governance, could not survive. First, being not in majority and second, withdrawing of support by the Congress with which alliance the government was formed.
The recommendations of Arvind Kejriwal outgoing CM has been rejected to dissolve the Assembly and will be kept suspended animation for six months to give chance to the other largest party to stake claim to form the government in Delhi at a later stage.
In fact, soon after the election, on December 23, 2013, Kejriwal swore on his children and announced that his party would neither team up with the Congress nor the BJP. But six days later on December 29, he took over as the CM of Delhi, with unconditional support of the Congress party.
There are also indications that to save himself from embarrassment and to become a martyr, Kejriwal called the Congress and the BJP as agents of Mukesh Ambani. He even asked the Anti Corruption Branch of Delhi Government to file an FIR against Mukesh Ambani, Union law minister and his predecessor. But he decided to abandon to follow the FIR that he proudly announced in a press conference.
Frankly speaking, Kejriwal’s government had given up power on the basis of a principle which was unique in the history of India. By starting the national campaign for which the momentum is already there in the states also, there are possibilities that in the coming Lok Sabha elections, AAP could change the mind-set of the voters. But the possibilities of uniting of Congress and BJP to form the government in Delhi are beyond one’s imagination. But the question is as to whether the next government, if it is other than AAP, would continue to pursue the FIRs that the Delhi government filed against Ambani and other Ministers.
What could we call it ? Is it his aspirations for becoming a national hero by sacrificing his Delhi government by putting the ball again in the voter’s court to be conscious while using their right to franchise to bring the government in majority to take the decisions only which are in public interest despite opposition by the India’s largest political parties – Congress and BJP – but could not come in power because of AAP wave. Again, only the time will tell, as to which way the wind blows.
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