Sensational entry of AAP in politics

It was sensational news in the political circles when without any loss of time, Arvind Kejriwal announced the 20 candidates who will contest elections during the Lok Sabha elections and started a election campaign starting with “Jhauru Yatra”. On the other hand, the faces look to be fainted of leaders of the political parties and particularly the candidates against whom the AAP’s candidates have been fielded. AAP has decided to field its candidates on 350 Lok Sabha seats but will concentrated on about 100 seats where they would be sure to win or where the tough contest is expected. This is the reason that these candidates have been announced against Rahul Gandhi incharge of Congress election campaign, Kapil Sibbal Central Law Minister, Nitin Gadkiri, formerBJP President, Mulayam Singh Yadav former Chief Minister UP and Munish Tiwari Information Minister etc. who can create a big problem for them.’
For example, Kumar Vishwas against Rahul Gandhi from Amethi, Aashutosh TV Journalist against Kapil Sibbal from Chandni Chowk, H.S.Phulka renowned advocate of Delhi against Munish Tiwari will contest the elections. Presently, these candidates are from Delhi, Nagpur, Mumbai, Odhisha, Gurgaon and UP Lok Sabha constituencies.
In fact, the AAP party had already announced for contesting the Lok Sabha elections when the government in Delhi was formed and at that time, it had confined itself to 300 seats only. When the applications were invited from whole of the country, these were increased to 350 in view of response and enthusiasm of the people. Since the elections have nor formally been announced by the Election Commission of India (ECI), this figure could change according to the circumstances.
From the very beginning, the agenda of AAP was to put a nose-ring on corruption, the candidates who have been given the tickets, without any loss of time, are only those persons who are already working for the public interest without expecting anything in return. In these candidates, there are three women also who are popular in their fields. These also include social workers like Megha Patekar, Anjali Damnia and Meera Sanyal.
Frankly speaking, prior to the existence of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), the main contest was mainly considered between Congress and BJP but now with the announcement of candidates by AAP, for Lok Sabha elections, this scenario will be totally changed and at least, AAP’s entry in Parliament is sure.
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