Changing of Caps Are political parties losing their image in the eyes of public with changing of caps by politicians?

It is big YES
The way the politicians are changing their caps has raised certain important questions on India politics. Take the example of Sat Pal Mahajan for shifting from Congress to BJP. According to him, his resentment is over the hanky-panky in the distribution of funds/material during the natural calamity in the state. The question is as to why he kept his reservations with him? As to why this came to his mind at the time elections? The distribution of relief material/funds is an administrative issue for which the existing state government should held responsible and why the whole of the Congress party is being blamed? It is but natural that power in hand is more important and on seeing the BJP wave, he shook hands with the Kamal (Lotus – a symbol of BJP).
On the other hand, one time a seasoned leader of Congress Boota Singh, while joining the BJP shifted to Samajwadi Party (SP) only due to the fact, he was foreseeing getting ticket for the elections. Having a small glimpse of coming into power, he thought of kicking off the parental party where he has spent a lion’s share of his life. Likewise, number of small and big leaders in Congress has shifted to BJP, just on seeing the BJP in the high-ups. Even the leader Ram Vilas Paswan has alliance with the BJP so that he may continue to hold the office of ministry somewhere. In fact, the reverse gear has worked in Chattisgarh where even Karuna Shukla cousin of Atal Bihar Vajpayee former Prime Minister joined the Congress leaving the BJP.
Congress and BJP are two main parties in the India politics and they claim of their different ideologies. Particularly, the BJP says that it is very much against the Congress strategy but at the same time, it does not hesitate to induct the Congress leaders. The moral like value in politics have no standing and for changing the party, the suitable logics are searched and used. But this time, both the major political parties have ignored their rules. Now the BJP and Congress, instead of parties of two ideologies look like a group of two parties doing the business of politics. Aya Ram and Gya Ram business would a regular feature.
The sign boards bearing the idiomatic words – Socialism and Secularism – looks like the sign-boards affected with rust of these words. Some tainted Congress leaders are joining BJP because of the fact to save themselves from the clutches of legal knots. On the other hand, BJP while accommodating them are not only making a mockery of ‘moral values’ but to law also. See, the former Chief Minister of Karnatka, Yediruppa was shunted out of the party on being jailed but because of political needs, he has been called back.
Frankly speaking, the people are watching each and every activity in politics minutely. Whosoever political party may win but the writing on the wall is very clear that these political parties with changing of caps by the politicians are losing their image rapidly in the minds of public?
It is a big YES.
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