Lok Sabha 2014 Elections: Ball is always in voter’s court

Despite the fact political leaders are always after fetching the requisite numbers for majority to form the government, the upcoming Lok Sabha polls are not the same as always. These are totally different now.
The age composition of voter population may not have changed but the voter in 2014 will be vastly different from his past counterparts in terms of economic experience and attitudes towards the government.
Anna’s movement against corruption, later on captured by Arvind Kejriwal have given birth to a new political party have definitely uplifted the political standard and created a atmosphere for entry of those who represent honesty.
There are few questions for which the answer is either with the leaders or with the voters. The ball always goes on rolling between the two and who hits rightly to achieve the goal depends on the circumstances and agenda the political party will float before the voters. No doubt, everyone is talking about the stressing the need to eradicate corruption but the question is – Is integrity and honesty can only bring reforms and revolutions? The answer is, it only depends upon the approach of the voters.
Now, the next question as towhat shall the voters considers? As declared by the Constitution, we have considered India as a secular and sovereign state that unites diverse religions, cultures, and communities. Along with defining and laying down the principles for the formation of the government, our Constitution also defines the responsibilities of the elected Government. Prosperity of all is a part of this, which in turn calls for equivalent distribution of income, alike prospects of employment, and policies aimed at betterment of society as a whole.
Over to Voters ! Vote for those who can deliver prosperity and dignity
The voter must recognize the urge of a stable government to stable economy. The voters, along with measuring the candidates on grounds of integrity, must also look forward to extending support to leaders that can bring in economic reforms at the earliest. But it could be possible with sacrifice, diplomacy and an unfair attitude at times. Whereas our leaders are busy in led down each other with charges and counter-charges in their statements, fighting for contesting from the place of choice but keeping aside the real agendas to run the government.
Frankly speaking, we should not forget that governance is not that easy. The one, who is the most honest of all, can’t surely be the most capable administrator. At the same time, it is very complex to run the administrative affairs of India.
As voters, we must consider the fact that we are a part of an economic society. Youths, can turn the tables only if they get the support of elders, who may create a space for them by giving the sincere guidance while sitting on the back benches. Only then, youths can deliver prosperity and dignity for which they should be voted for.
The ball is always in voter’s court to bring majority government to hold them responsible for the positive results for providing better education, maintaining economy of the nation, creating employment opportunities by setting up industrial hubs.
Over to Voters!
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