Indecorous is physical & language violence in politics

It was not a bravery to attack violently on Kejriwal rather it was a third class cowardly act.
 Former Delhi Chief Minister and AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal was slapped again on last Tuesday while campaigning in a road show, in 
Sultanpuri area in northeast Delhi.
There had been such attacks earlier also and just four days prior to this incident, someone has tried manhandling.  There was also  attack in Haryana and in Varanasi, ink, mobile oil was thrown on him and 19-year-old Abdul Wahid, a resident of Delhi’s Jamia Nagar area who twice punched him at a public rally on April 4.
Immediately after the recent incident, Kejriwal tweeted putting a number of questions – Is violence an answer to country’s problems? Let them tell me place n time. I will come there. Let them beat me as much as they want…..
Later on Lali Parshad, auto-riksha driver has said, when Kejriwal had gone to meet him, “I’ve committed a big mistake. I should have never done what I did. I consider him (Kejriwal) as a god,” 38-year-old told reporters after Kejriwal went to meet him at his house in Kirari in west Delhi and embraced him.
In case there are attacks on one person again and again, it creates a suspicion that some planned conspiracy is behind such incidents.  In case some political parties is managing all this is indecorous.  There could be difference of opinion on Kejriwal’s political ideology but the way of expressing is indecent.  These attacks are coward as Kejriwal is among the rare politicians who do not move with high security.  It is not a bravery to attack violently on a person without security rather it is third class cowardly act.
Normally, there is a complaint from the people that our leaders are not accessible and cut off after the elections.  They are so covered with the security that it becomes difficult for a common man to reach to them as the area where leaders are residing are visiting the places are converted in to police cantonment and they are so concerned with the security of the leader that they least bother about the common man.
But it is not good for leaders in democracy to remain under the cover of security and there are only few leaders who dare to come out of the security net. At the same time, in case we want that the leaders should come of the security circle, and then we too have to ensure the security of their honour.  Leaving aside of agreeing or disagreeing with the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), even then we have to admit that the leaders of AAP have tried to live differently against the VIP culture in India.  Making them a target of violence, instead of encouraging them is definitely objectionable, undesirable and blanket blank.  Not only with AAP, in democracy, violence has no place but in the political atmosphere, the language violence is commonly observed if there is no place for physical violence.  Particularly the way certain people are using an unparliamentarily language on social media, are spoiling the political system in the country rather making poisonous.  This language violence speaks itself that as to how much abhorrence a man is keeping in his mind and this violence can be converted into physical violence at any time.
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