Indian politics is ‘Pol-Khol’ – mudslinging at each other

With the Lok Sabha elections coming nearer day by day, the political parties in India becomes more concerned about the Prime Minister candidate rather than caring about the basic needs of Aam Aadmi – Common men.
It looks as if all the politicians – may be, Narendra Modi, Arvind Kejriwal or Rahul Gandhi – all are charging with filthy allegations and counter-charging, perhaps with aim to redeem their own image.
Since the announcement of elections, pick any national or regional paper, there are statements of allegations and counter-allegations without uttering a word on the party activities, strategy and planning for the coming five years.
Recently Rahul Gandhi compared Narendra Modi with Hitler who ruled in Germany and led people to live under his slavery. He blamed that Modi will do the same as Hitler did and will play with emotions of common men in order to fetch more votes thereby harming our democratic society.
On the other hand some BJP persons called Indira Gandhi to be the Hitler of India claiming that the late Prime Minister and Rahul Gandhi’s grandmother’s rule was no less than a tyranny.
Arvind Kejriwal from AAP also took the stage to throw mud at both Rahul and Modi claiming that they are influencing the media through their power and money.
In fact, in this wave of ‘Pol-Khol’ among the leaders are trying to expose each other in the eyes of the public to create a vote bank for the coming Lok Sabha elections
Mudslinging at each other and unabashedly picking up anti-social elements as party members, are dirtying of the system.
Supreme Court has clearly ordered to Election Commission to not allow the candidature of a person who has criminal record or his court hearing is still going on. Having a look at the last year’s record, about 85% of people who are morally corrupt and claimed to do societal work are still part of Indian Politics. The criminals are still getting tickets to contest in election. National and regional parties are still recruiting people with criminal records for key positions in their party. Even Aam Aadmi Party that had positioned themselves as a ‘clean’ party in Delhi elections is now picking up people with tainted background or aligning themselves with bodies like Khap for political benefit.
On the other hand, another phenomenon being noticed is resigning of candidates and joining the rival parties. It is happening in all the national and regional level parties. Many of the Congress leaders have pulled out in the last moment and AAP is seeing a revolt nearly every day. Taking the case of Punjab, daily leaders of Congress are joining Akali-BJP and vice-versa.
The choice for the right candidate is becoming more tough day by day and this is the reason there had been delay in announcing the right candidate to contest the Lok Sabha elections by waiting the fielding of candidate by the other party. Political parties are scouting for the new member from rival parties or otherwise. The choice has been extended to series of candidates from Bollywood, artists and sports personalities.
Frankly speaking, with the entry of Aam Aadmi Party, the entire nation now understands that they are about to witness a hard fought battle in the coming Lok Sabha election. The bad part of the politics is that no change in the strategy would be seen or much cleanliness in our system of working, despite making promises during the party manifestos and oral commitments during the election campaigns. Little hope is seen with the involvement of youths in the election process who have a major voting percentage this time because of Election Commission of India’s campaign on enrollment and using the right to franchise.
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