9 blunders committed by Kejriwal of Aam Aadmi Party

May 28, 2014 HARISH MONGA 0 Comments

To keep alive any party for a longer period, it is necessary to have its own ideology. Kejriwal needs to break down his big ideas and concentrate on hope which is the weapon for turning the tables for good results.
With excitement and hope, the movement started by Aam Aadmi Party, is dying is own death, rather we can say even that the hope of Indians is dying down quickly.
 Many movements of good governance have been started in the past but the way AAP become popular among the common man was miracle with the entry of Arvind Kejriwal in Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement to the sophisticated politicking in Delhi, followed by Kiran Bedi and so on many persons  and unfurled like a political fairy-tale, who have real experience of the feelings of people fed up from the existing system.
 Presently, Arvind Kejriwal is a administrative failure and committed blunders which brought him to ground zero in the general elections of Lok Sabha 2014. A few days before the results were declared, while the political math had accommodated them, nobody could predict the overwhelming victory the AAP was looking at. The party ended up clinching 28 seats in the state polls, just four seats short of BJP’s 34 and 20 seats more than the Congress’ 8.   However, only four seats in Punjab was because the situation is totally different as AAP movement was started with full dedication to stand against both Congress and BJP.
 Number one mistake on the part of AAP was to join hands with the Congress, which leaders were already facing charges in various scams and the people of India have given an open verdict not only because of Modi wave but of corrupt leaders in the Congress party.
 Number two mistake was that he took the hasty decision to filed its candidate all over India.  Instead, he should have taken his time after winning land mark response during the very first year in Delhi elections and trained his legislatures the skills of administration as ministerial candidates.
 Number three  of horrible mistakes committed by AAP was that he wanted to be look different with his self-righteousness forgetting he is unprepared and new to the political administration.
 Number four mistake on their part is concealing its failure with only ambition to succeed through agitation.  Hardly anyone has succeeded on this path, ultimately one has to come across the table, change his strategy, not compromise with the circumstances but to face them.
 Number five mistake was – the senior leaders were leaving the AAP being not satisfied with the ideology of Kejriwal working. Among those who left the party were Madhu Bhjaduri who openly said that the party is side tracking from its ethics, Shajia Ilmi told a discrepancy of democracy within the party and said that only four people are taking the decision in the party.  The swaraj which Kejriwal has promised could not be brought within the party itself. Even Capt Gopinath left the party and it became talk of the town that AAP is lying a sinking ship and in the coming days more resigns are expected.
 Number six mistake was – Kejriwal lost his credibility after his failure and having no sustainability in Delhi itself and survived for only 49 days and committed a big blunder by resigning instead of facing with the circumstances.  This is the reason that AAP could not win a single seat in Lok Sabha and lost the support of common man. In fact, the style of AAP has not been liked by the people.
 Number seven mistake was – AAP could not establish its confidence in its party volunteers and workers were demanding the reconstitution of Parliamentary Affairs Committee (PAC) which decides the future course of action of the party.
 Number eight mistake was – not in tune with the working style like sitting on dharna by the CM  as CM of Delhi and later on resigning after 49 days and planning to contest against the big guns of politics of BJP party.
 Number nine mistake was – having no clarity over the issues as it could not present its view on important issues before the people during the Assembly and Lok Sabha elections. The leaders were seen giving different statements on issues like Kashmir, reservation and naxalism.
 Last but not the least; It is never too late and still not too late.  AAP has to realize that working on somebody else’s scripts is drawing it to dangerous depths.  Kejriwal, being head of the AAP should step back, take a little break from the media, introspect, study the circumstances which led to his failure, make a fool-proof strategy without the support of any other political party,
 Frankly speaking, to keep alive any party for a longer period, it is necessary to have its own ideology but the AAP failed to make its opinion on the issues of the nation and it should bread down the big ideas of democratic and governance and concentrate only on implementable tasks.

To keep alive any party for a longer period, it is necessary to have its own ideology. Kejriwal needs to break down his big ideas and conc...