On International MAY DAY celebrations

May Day on May 1 is an ancient Northern Hemisphere spring festival and usually a public holiday; it is also a traditional spring holiday in many cultures. May Day coincides with International Workers’ Day, and in many countries that celebrate the latter, it may be referred to as “May Day”.
As to whether May Day is celebrated as rituality or there is some sort of feeling towards the workers, to do something for their uplift. There are number of questions which may come to one’s mind, the moment the May Day come about its importance.
The first day of May is observed as May Day all over the world. This day is observed to commemorate the historic struggle of working people. Today all the workers enjoy minimum wage, safety in workplace and eight-hour workday. These are the outcome to the struggle of these workers. The day has an eventful historical background. The workers of Chicago protested against injustice and exploitation in 1886. Then the workers had to work 14 hours or more in a day. Even they had no any job security too.
On May 3, in 1886, they brought out a rally to realize their demands and police fired into the rally. As a result, at least one worker was killed and five or six others were wounded seriously.
It was an extreme of cruelty that the workers usually worked in unsecured condition in industrial premises due to which the accidents were common. Similarly, there was no legal binding on exploitation and child labour. The common status of a worker was just like a slave in the eyes of his employer. This injustice system compelled the Labour Union Movement to launch struggle against the employers for acceptance of its demand through eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest.
The history of this Movement is based on the fact that some labours were killed on the issue of an eight-hour workday in Chicago in 1886, which turned the Labour Movement into strong drive. Thereafter, a mass meeting of industrial workers was held at Haymarket Square to protest against the inhuman treatment of the police force. Unfortunately, an unknown person threw bomb on the police at the end of peaceful meeting, which killed one police man and injured seventy.
Every year this day is observed with profound respect and dignity. The workers of different workplaces bring out rally on this day. They bear placard and wear special dress. After the rally, some workers deliver speech on the history and significance of the day. However, this day is very important. Now workers of all over the world enjoy job security, a minimum wage and an eight-hour working time. These facilities are the outcome of sacrifice of the workers of Chicago.
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