Passwords are the currency of the ‘Digital Age’

May 25, 2014 HARISH MONGA 0 Comments

Importance of password in personal life
With the introduction in internet services, the using a strong username and password to protect your accounts, web sites is crucial as well as important.  At the same time, it is also very important that if you as site administrator are careless in choosing usernames and passwords or store credentials, then a hacker may find it relatively easy to break your site’s security.
Passwords are the currency of the ‘Digital Age’. People use passwords to log in to email accounts, online games, bank accounts, credit card accounts, online forums, social networking sites, and every other password-protected corner of the Internet.
However, in order to remember and keep track of all the logins of their lives, a lot of people use the same one, two, or three passwords. What’s more, many people use passwords that have very poor password security – names, nicknames, dates of birth, maiden names, and other obvious and predictable information.
Normally it is said, that good password is 7 or more characters long. It should not be easy to spot while typing, such as “asdfjkl;”, and can be typed quickly.  Better it should have a combination of upper and lower case letters, as well as numbers, punctuation marks, and symbols.
With today’s technology, you can store your whole life on your hard drive. Computers are being made smaller and smaller, and seem to be disappearing out from under people’s noses.
However, without password protection, nothing is safe and protecting yourself with passwords is important, which I am sure your IT officers have been drilling into your head for quite some time now.
Most cases of stolen information occur by the hacker guessing the victim’s password. Steer clear from names of close friends and family, phone numbers, birthdays, and social security numbers. Software programs can file through dictionaries and word banks to figure out your password, so avoid using words found in dictionaries, even if you can’t speak that language.
In other words, the password should be selected which is easily detected by the hacker or any of your friend like I love you, my sweet heart, my experience, company’s name, your phone number, car number etc.
If an identity thief gets his hands on your password, he instantly gains access to your phone messages, email, bank account information, credit card information, social security numbers, and all the other information the angel on our shoulder tells us to keep private.
Frankly speaking, these thieves can not only clear out your savings, they can run up charges in your name under credit cards they opened with your information.
I still recollect that when a new Samsung Tab 2 was gifted by my close friend- Shelly, I selected, from my point of view a very strong and easy password for me and I did not note down anywhere.  Even otherwise, it should not be.  But when I had to download some apps, I had to apply that password which I forget and I had to format the Tab by loosing whole of my data and re-selected the password and memorize it to avoid repetition of formatting.
Let me share a story relating to the best use of password. The story goes like this that once a stranger, asked about 8 years old child outside the school that you mom has sent me to collect you as she is not feeling well.  So please come with me in a car, I will drop you at your residence immediately.  The child very smartly said, OK, I will go with you.  My mom must have given you a password which is known to me and my mom only.  First, please tell me that password.  The stranger on hearing this was stunned and astonished and whisked away from there.
In fact, the girl and mom had mutual understanding that in case I will send some stranger to collect you from school; mom will disclose the password and the child will only go with the stranger on getting the secret password.
So, how importance of this password is in day today life! And through this easy way we can avoid any kidnapping incident.

Importance of password in personal life With the introduction in internet services, the using a strong username and password to protect...