Post-poll analysis for Lok Sabha 2014

Golden & Historical Opportunity for Modi to prove himself – Achhe di aa gaye hain – Good days have come
 It is an golden and historical opportunity for Narendera Modi to land himself on the hopes of ‘Good Days’ and also to clear the doubts created in the minds of people, during his election campaign by certain bad elements in the politics.
Now he stands declared as a part of not BJP but ‘Modi Wave’ throughout the country with the land mark victory of 336 seats by NDA – BJP 282, Shiv Sena 19, TDP 16, LJP 6, SAD 4, Others 9 and UPA only two figure digit of 59 for UPA – Congress only 44, NCP 5, RJD 4 and others 6 while the other political could get 148 to make a total 543 seats.
While the position in 2004, it was NDA 181, UPA 218, Others 144 and in 2009, NDA 159, UPA 262 and others 122.
Having a look at over head figures, total voters were 81.45 crore as 10 crore increase since 2009 with voters turn out as 66.38 per cent which comes to 55.13 crore and the election cost to exchequer is Rs.3426 crore apart from parties expenses in crore on campaign, election materials rallies etc.
After 24 years, the single party has come into power in the country defeating the 150 year old Congress party, which projected Rahul Gandhi as young leader with hopes of future.
There has been a slight increase in ‘Others’ but the position of UPA and NDA is not only reversed rather historical with full majority, making it difficult to nominate the opposition for announcing Leader of the Opposition.
In fact, there is no leadership in the Congress after the Nehru and Gandhi family, who could run the affairs of the largest democratic country.
All, close association of Rahul Gandhu – Mohan Gopal, Jai Ram Ramesh, C.P.Joshi, have failed to form any sort of strategy in the current Lok Sabha elections. The most faithful person, Manmohan Singh has left all to the history but Sonia Gandhi, President, AICC has taken the responsibility of the defeat.
Kejriwal, who come up on the political platform as a crusader of corruption in association with Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi, do have a good start by forming the government in Delhi but could not survive for more than 49 days. He committed a blunder to jump to the post of Prime Minister without gaining experience of Chief Ministership and learning the political tactics. Instead of fielding Aam Aadmi Party(AAP) candidates against all the big guns, he should have confined to limited seats. More-over, Prashant Bhushan’s went uncannily missing from the chaos, making the AAP sound like a bunch of chaotic teenagers out on an adventure trip. But it is still a mystery that AAP could not get any single seat other than four seats in Punjab. It needs introspection thoroughly before launching its candidates in subsequent elections.
AAP could no merge openly with the Congress of which the leaders were involved in thousands crore scams and its basic agenda was a fight against the corruption.
The couplet fits well for AAP – Sitaron ki seedi na ho to, Chand ki aarzoo nahi karni chahiye – If you don’t have ladder of stars, then we should not think of reaching a Moon.
The outcome of 2014 election results will start a new political history in Indian politics as there had been no single party during the last three decades to get majority except in 1984 after the death Smt.Indira Gandhi as a sympathy vote to Rajiv Gandhi now Congress has to face unbelievable defeat reducing the figure of its MPs to two digits only. There is hardly any doubt of giving credit for this victory to Narendera Modi who had been extensively touring since September last after his announcement has candidate for the post of Prime Minister.
During this campaign, the role of BJP’s senior and established leaders was very limited and the entire campaign was concentrated at his own, with his magic wand, in the form of addressing the rallies in an impressive and golden worded speeches based on development agendas which included not only constructions of roads, bridges, factories but its sustainability in the form of road senses and employment opportunity. Immediately after announcement of the election results in favour of BJP, he started its development agenda from cleanliness at Varanasi so that youths could compare India with Singapore.
At the same time, because of more than expectations support of the people, they too have high expectations from the new government on various issues like, unstable economy, low employment opportunities, uncontrollable inflation, internal and external security besides corruption and good governance.
Anyhow, now the BJP has crossed the required number of magic figure of 272 and can easily form the government and it will have no excuse in passing of any Bill to which they were pressing during the Congress rule.
Frankly speaking, Modi has assured the people to India for better living standards which resulted in creating a Modi Wave throughout the country. It also became easy for Modi to use the technique to hit the iron when it is hot when hardly any part of the country was satisfied with the Congress-led Dr.Manmohan Singh government. Another factory that has gone in his favour is the large number of enrollment of youths who have used their right to franchise as they are expecting job opportunities in the coming years which has almost been standstill in the last few years. During the elections, the youth wing of BJP had been active on social media also which has played a vital role in making the image of the party at the national level.
No doubt, this is an historical opportunity for Modi, while he has to fulfill his promises with the people, he has also come to their expectations which he has projected during the election campaign – Achhe din aane wala hain – Good days are likely to come. 
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