Will the politics change after the results of Lok Sabha elections ?

The Lok Sabha elections under process in the country are very important this time, as change in the politics and system, is expected after the announcement of elections of May 16. There is possibility of reconstitution, in the Units at the root level on reviewing of number of polled votes to the particular party and the main reason is that the involvement and participation of women and youths have increased. Political awareness has also come among the people and the media is playing a vital role in this regard. More people are coming out of the four walls to cast their votes besides asking the political leaders and parties, a number of questions.
It is the first time that a simple party like Aaam Aadmi Party is standing against the established political parties, not only at the national level but at the state level also. Simple poor candidates are contesting against the well-established shrewd, experienced and cunning political leaders. It means that a country with a population of 125 crore, is on its way for a change. It is possible that after the announcement of Lok Sabha election results on May 16, like previous, one of the party – Congress or BJP – may be successful in forming the government but they will have to feel the pulse of new coming up leaders in the politics.
Now the time has come that the people will not sit and see the working of the government. The government has to keep itself ready, to be accountable at every moment. This is the only situation that in the coming time, the political system of India will take a new turn as the participation of youths and women candidates in the Lok Sabha is foreseen which will definitely have a impact on the political parties.
In view of this expected scenario, a major change in the Congress, BJP and other political parties is expected. Congress leaders are already admitting this factor that in the new circumstances, more youths have to be given a space in forefront of the party platform. Whatever may be the outcome of poll results, change in countenance and appearance is Congress is certain. Congress has already fielded its candidates between 30-40 years and it is a sign of change in the political system of the party. More-over, Rahul Gandhi is giving due importance to the youths in the party. Likewise, in BJP also, gone are the days for the old-timers. This will also have a significant impact on the regional parties and there are chances of big change in the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD).
Frankly speaking and to be honest, keeping in view the political circumstances of the country, the changes could be expected in the right perspective. We should pray that this political change after16th of May, may change the destiny , fate, luck of the people of the country.\
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