30th Anniversary of Operation Blue Star

Where there is smoke, there is fire – Much yet to be learned from the past…
The violent clashes on 30th Anniversary of Blue Star Operation inside the Golden Temple complex have once again reminded us that even if the terrorism from Punjab stands vanished but its sparks still exist at certain places.
There are still certain persons who are still virtually keeping alive the movement of Khalistan and its activities are seen within the country and even in certain foreign countries and one of such group are headed by Simranjeet Singh Mann, a former police officer, in the shape of political party. The clash with the Golden Temple complex is the outcome of supporters between Shiromani Akali Dal Parbandhak Committee and this political party.
According to reports, the clashes occurred after members of the Shiromani Akali Dal-controlled Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee (SGPC) protested Shriomani Akali Dal (Amritsar) leader Simranjit Singh Mann’s attempt to give a speech from Rostrum of the Akal Takht. One of Mann’s supporters tried to snatch the microphone from Jathedar of Akal Thakt, Giani Gurbachan Singh, in protest. This infuriated members of SGPC-run Golden Temple Task Force and they swung into action to take on Mann’s supporters. The two groups attacked each other, using swords, kirpans and spears. At least six people have been injured, according to sources. Thank God, there was no causality in this violence.
In case one group is active, the reason behind this is that without the slogan of ‘Khalistan’, they have no issue with them to do anything. Secondly, no doubt, the terrorism in Punjab is calmed down but still people are waiting for justice in the cases relative to administrative and judiciary especially the accused in 1984 riots are yet to be punished and it is not expected even in the near future.
One thing is crystal clear that even if the common Sikh may be in favour of separatism but he will not never think that the history of those bloody days is repeated but they definitely feel the pulse of injustice to those riot-affected.
There are number of cases which have not been settled for decades together but they continue to be figured as ‘political issues’ but the incident of Golden Temple once again reminds us those days. In the last three decades there is lot of change in Punjab but still it is difficult to say that it has come out of the shock of 1984. The Punjab could not prosper as per expectations due to personal interests of politicians.
In fact, Badal family has captured the total control of Akali Dal and at the same time Congress too is confused or puzzled over the controversy within the party and the fissure is easily visible between Akali Dal and BJP in Punjab after the formation of Modi-led BJP government at the Centre and the post-poll rumblings in Punjab Congress escalated into virtual factional war.
The economic condition of the government is not sound because of corruption and carelessness and to run the day today affairs, it has to be mortgage its own property with the banks. There is no new set-up of industry in the state and old units are either closed or at the verge of closure. Thus, there is too much unemployment who are becoming drug-addiction. It is said that the youths of Punjab used to be a major part of recruitments in Army but to active drug-mafia in the state, it has become difficult to find a fit youth and in such circumstances, the spread of frustration among the youths is likely to come up.
Frankly speaking, there is a need of reforms in administrative and economic set-up so that each citizen of the state could feel free to live happily. It is very necessary to guide the youths to move on the right track but the ‘separatism’ at this stage is thinking about the future. The religion and politics, not only in Punjab but whole of India is so mixed up that it has become difficult to separate them and it is necessary to keep a proper check over it so that the people attached with any religion or political party, may not choose the path of violence and harshness from where it could be difficult to come back. If the sparks of separatism would continue to be visible in the society then and the deviation from the real issues of prosperity of the state would continue to be there.
As of now, a line read about 20 years back – Where there is smoke, there is fire – seems to be fit over the unfortunate incident within the Golden Temple Complex.
The politicians of Punjab have to think above to their self-interests, only then the state would be peaceful and secured.
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