Achhe Din Kab Aayen Ge – As to when the Good Days will come?

But, so far, there is no feeling of “Achhe Din Aane Wale Hain” and now people have started saying  “Acche Din Kab Aayen Ge” – As to when the good days will come? People, who will be feeling themselves as cheated, will not have faith on any slogan of political party in future.
Narendera Modi, Prime Minister, has used the expression – “Achhe Din Aane Wale Hain”- as a poll slogan followed, Achhe Din Aayen Ge, Achhe Din Aa  Rahe Hain. Even borrowing from Narendra Modi’s phraseology, Pakistan said “Achhe Din Aa Rahe Hain”-Good days are coming, for bilateral ties with India and express hope after the resumption of talks between the two.
India has seen a revolution which has completely changed the face of Indian politics. The downfall of the Congress, which event was thought to be impossible, has occurred and left the political class with crossed fingers.  Beyond the scams, scandals, unaccountability and poor governance, the Congress has continued to take things for granted over the past five years.
In fact, the political success lies in being able to understand, learn from and correct errors made in the past, harness the power of the present and make reliable, rational estimates for future development and growth.
The BJP has come into power, riding heartily on the tremendous Modi wave and intensive campaigning throughout the country. BJP’s 2014 Election campaign has been simply ingenious – they targeted the right areas and fielded the right men and women from the right places.
The Aam Aadmi Party has been a disappointment, what with people remarking that the number of seats AAP has won is less than the number of fingers on one’s hands.
The involvement of youths in these elections has been very important. Almost all parties centered their campaigns with the youth, and BJP passed that particular test with flying colours. The youth of our nation are no longer timid and inhibited, but are strong enough stand up and ask for their rights. Slowly, India’s youth seems to be assuming greater responsibility.
Before the Lok Sabha elections, the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) in its election campaign have given the slogan “Acche Din Aane Wale Hain – Goods days are likely to come”, which attracted the people in the form of Modi Wave.
But its feeling was noticed only when the stunning results exceeded all forecasts and BJP came in power with single majority by getting 282 seats, after a gap of 25 years. At the same time, the people have high expectations that with the induction of Narendera Modi as Prime Minister, the good days will start and have respite from the high inflation.
It is about one month of BJP in power and during this period, Narendera Modi had taken some important decisions but no concrete steps have been initiated to have control over inflation.  Now the indications are like that the prices of petrol, bus and rail fares are likely to increase and taking cognizance of it, the government and private bus operators have increased the bus fare.  At the same time,  with the increase of transportation rates, the cost of commodities of daily use is also likely to be registered. It is presumed during the coming week, the prices of almost all commodities will be on the higher side.
With this trend, those who have voted in favour of BJP with the expectation of coming of good days are feeling cheated.  It is good that at the time of any problem, Narendera Modi  himself reaching the concerned department.
Frankly speaking, whatever may be the circumstances, the common man will not be  satisfied till such time there is check on the inflation.  It does not benefit the common man with the fall of gold rate, who will get the wheat at the higher rate.
So, the issue of increase in prices needs to be taken on priority by the Central Government and ensure the availability of daily use items on cheaper rates and it will be big achievement of the BJP government led by Narendera Modi.  Otherwise, the people who will be feeling themselves as cheated and will not have faith on any slogan of political party in future.  It is matter of serious concern for the democracy of India.
Certainly, people have now started saying – Acche Din Kab Aayen Ge – As to when the good days will come?

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