BJP-SAD alliance in Punjab is in danger – Fissure is visible now

BJP is now not ready to bear the dictates of SAD
With the changed circumstances at the Centre, BJP leaders and workers in Punjab have also started taking the fresh oxygen by coming out of the web of SAD 
The Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) after making a total sweep in then Lok Sabha elections 2014, with landmark victory, have formed its government led by Narendera Modi.  With the formation of government at the Centre, with Modi as Prime Minister, the BJP with alliance of Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) in Punjab, so far working under its pressure, have started raising its own voice. The political alliance between SAD & BJP is going on for the last about two decades.
The BJP in Punjab had also been under pressure from SAD in view of BJP having no government and say in the Centre.  Despite having alliance, during the Lok Sabha elections, SAD instead of honouring the status of long standing alliance, have  opposed the BJP in the adjoining state Haryana and supported Indian National Lok Dal political party (INALO).  SAD High Command was of the view that in case BJP based government is formed at the Centre, the same cannot be without its support.  But fortunately or unfortunately, BJP could form its own government with the Modi wage throughout the country.  With this, the Punjab BJP MLAs got the opportunity to share their sentiments now which otherwise were suppressed by the SAD because prior to this, the power in Punjab despite alliance with BJP, had been in the hands of SAD .
In fact, Sukhbir Singh Badal,President, President, Shiromani Akali Dal had not entertained any BJP Minister and BJP.  What to say, he has not bothered to share their views on any important issue.   The plight of BJP in Punjab  was just like a back-benchers.
There is question of denying the fact that during Lok Sabha 2014 elections, the main reason for securing 4 seats by Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Akali Dal confined to merely 3 seats, are support to drug smugglers, non-coordination between administration and government, administration being in the hands of SAD President, Sukhbir Singh Badal, ignoring the associated party leaders and workers, to ruin the vote bank of BJP by imposing property tax, hike in power bills, non-giving of relief to small house owners from sewerage and water bills and so on, if we minutely go into the details. But the BJP leaders have been bearing the pressure of SAD without speaking a word, either due to the directions of the High Command or to keep secured their Chair.  But with the changed circumstances at the Centre, BJP leaders and workers in Punjab have also started taking the fresh oxygen by coming out of the web of SAD.  With this attitude and atmosphere, the urban area people will also be benefitted about the government schemes.
It is crystal clear from one of the statement of Ch.Surjit Kumar Jyani, Health Minister that the Punjab Government could not catch hold of the drug smugglers properly and seriously and indicates the real picture of the relations between SAD and BJP which were being projected.  SAD had always tried to suppress BJP.  Even when BJP High Command wanted to induct Ashwani Sharma as Punjab BJP President, the SAD lost no time in catching Kamal Sharma as its President against his wishes and immediately appointed him as Adviser to Chief Minister.  The motive behind this was not to give importance to BJP but to give shelter to the opposition party within the BJP party.  SAD was successful in its mission and started using BJP according to its own requirement.
Frankly speaking,  now the scenario is totally changed and the voice of opposing is getting momentum which is at least good start for the better of the Punjab and strengthening of BJP party.  Fissure could be easily seen now. At the same time, both the political alliance parties – BJP and SAD – have to maintain the religion of alliance so that the Punjab State may not become a wrestling place for both the parties.  I wish that the energy of both the parties may work for the development and prosperity of the Punjab State. 
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