Suicide is not a solution to any problem

It is said – If you are not a part of problem, you must be a part of solution. At the same time, committing suicide is not a solution to any problem as one who does not commit suicide, could become a part of the solution to the problem, for which problem one thinks to commit a suicide.
The seven decades of India’s independence, the first three decades have been spent to strengthen to provide the basic facilities and in the fourth decade, the increase in population started and struggle started for providing food to the increased population. Because of shortage of food during this decade, the import of foodgrains has to be done. After this, Green Revolution came and India become self sufficient so far as production of foodgrain is concerned but it introduced the insecticides and pesticides in the country, the price for which we are still paying. No doubt, there was over-all development especially in electronics, during the fifth and sixth decade but the demand of the people also increases simultaneously.
There was a time when whole of the family used to sit under one roof with one fan. Only one member of the family was earning and about half a dozen person used to be brought up but with the passage of time, the thinking of the people changed and number of sources were development. A disease of mental tension also cropped up by this time and made people blind in the race of economy. Apart from this, there was a increase in committing suicides. The relations started dying. Society became a secondary after money. Dowry becomes the cause of suicides and gave birth to number of social evils. Even the writers like Kartar Singh Duggar started dying the female characters after marriage due to demand of dowry by in-laws, in their stories. There was a increase in suicides cases of 21.6 per cent during the last one decade and this has been disclosed in 2013 report of National Crime Research Bureau (NCRB).
According to the report, average suicide in India is more than 1 lakh in a year. As per the report of 2013, in 2003, it was 1,10,851 which increased to 1,34,799 in 2013. However, there is a little decrease in suicide rate after 2011. During the last one decade, the population has increased to the extent of 15 per cent whereas during the same period, there was increase in suicides to 5.7 per cent.
In suicides, Maharashtra is on top of the list with 16622 cases, followed by Tamilnadu with 16601.
According to report by Kumar V Jahgirdhar, President, Child Rights, the suicides due to tension with married life in joint families, were 14607 in Andhara Pardesh, 13055 in West Bengal and 11266 in Karnatka. He made it clear that married men were being compelled to commit suicide because of misuse of rule 498A and Domestic Violence Act 2005. It is good that the laws have been formulated for the security of women but the same have been misused by linking it with the dowry and harassment and name the nearest relatives in the complaints to teach them a lesson. Immediately on registration of a complaint, the proceedings are initiated by the police and males are subject to degradation in the society apart from listening to the taunts from the society and because of fear of major sentences, resort to commit suicide. While the farmers commit suicide because of tension of debt either misused of the loans or loss due to natural calamities. Number of other factors are becoming the cause of committing suicide such as addiction, extra marital relations, ego, misunderstanding, loss in business, tension in service, unemployment, failure in exams etc. and it is a matter of serious concern.
Frankly speaking, each persons in the society, should try to face the circumstances strongly. Failure in the exam of life is not failure as those who keeps the courage, again stand in their life even after failures. Committing suicide is not a solution to any problem, it is a cowardliness and fighting with the circumstances is a real life.
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