Telangana’s Brand Ambassador Sania Mirza – a daughter of India

After marrying with Shoaib Malik, Pakistan Cricketer, the relations of Sania Mirza with her own country does not become stranger, alien or outsider.
The party leader would hardly agree with K Laxman MLA over his commentary for labeling tennis start Sania Mirza, daughter-in-law of Pakistan and unfit for brand ambassador of Telangana. The way the response coming from the party, it looks that the leaders don’t want to enter into unnecessary controversy. There are possibilities that some members of Sangh may be in line with the leader – Laxman – but the ruling party at the Centre cannot adopt such an irresponsible attitude.
Laxman has also accused that Sania Mirza’s appointment is for political interest considering the upcoming Hyderabad Municipal elections where minority community are the key voters. I don’t think Sania had any political effect at all and for a international level player, she would not like to be part in local body elections.
There are certain people in our country who hate even on the name of Pakistan but the Mode-led government at the Centre is not like that. It is evident from the fact that Nawaz Sharif Pakistan PM was invited over the oath ceremony. How far is correct to treat the anti-Pakistan attitude as measuring scale?
The main problem to Laxman from Sania Mirza is that she has married to Shoaib Malik, Pakistani Cricketer and according to him, she is the daughter-in-law of Pakistan. It is an old timer thought that once then girl is married, she becomes the property of other family.
Even if Sania is daughter-in-law of Pakistan, first she is the daughter of India and continues for all times to come. This relation cannot be separate merely by saying staunch like Laxman.
Brand Ambassador is the vocabulary of marketing and it is belief that brand ambassador try to popularize the brand but it is difficult to say as to how much benefit is going to the state on this account. As compared to Amitabh Bachhan as brand ambassador of Gujarat, Sania Mirza could prove better because of her association with Hyderabad and in Telangana own recognition, Hyderabad has more importance.
Moreover, Sania has not changed her name after marriage and her passport is also India. She has clearly stated that she is Indian and would continue to be Indian till her life. What else is needed to prove herself as an Indian. Brand Amabssador is not a constitutional status for which citizenship is the main qualification.
Our leaders should concentrate on other serious issues of the country and not indulge in unnecessary controversies by giving irrelevant statements. No doubt it gives publicity but it damage the image of the society.
How far is correct to say Sania, an alien of Pakistan – who brought laurels to India through her sports skill? But silence on the part of Modi, will definitely encourage elements like Laxman.
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