Dope Test – needs to be introduced at various levels

Likely to encourage youths to shun the menace of drugs
The Punjab Government has made ‘Dope Test’ (DT) mandatory for joining the government job which will help in banning the entry of drug-addicts into government service.
l the government departments at the time of finalizing the recruitment process and only on getting the DT report, further action shall be initiated for only the right candidates. It will become a part of medical test at the time of recruitment.
In fact, Punjab Government for the last few months have been active and started campaign on war-footing in the state to put a check on the supply line of drugs and providing free treatment to the drug addicts besides making arrangements for their rehabilitation by giving them skill training.
Perhaps, under these circumstances, the Punjab Government has taken a decision for Dope Test at the time of entry into government service.
The news about the use of drugs was noticed at the time of recruitment in Army at Bhatinda became a cause of concern for the authorities.
The drug-addiction is the root-cause of all diseases and it badly affects on the body and also weakens the mind of the addict. The addicted mind is more dangerous than any other diseases.
The Chief Minister, Parkash Singh Badal has taken a very good decision, for making Dope Test mandatory at the time of entry in government service, by keeping in mind the far sightedness of its consequences. The addicted government employee cannot think positively for the state and what to say of the people. The ill-affected employees always think about their self-interest and give birth to the corruption. There are also reports that governments employees are addicted at a large scale especially the police and transport department are famous for ill-repute.
Thus, if the report of dope test of any aspirant is found negative then he will be barred from joining government service.
Frankly speaking, the government has taken a good initiative for making Dope Test compulsory. This would not only encourage the youth to shun the menace of drugs but would also ensure that healthy persons join the service in future. But it needs to be extended to the employees already on roll at least once in a year without giving any specific date of testing.
Secondly, since most of the youths are involved in drug-addiction, it should be made mandatory for entry in to degree and professional colleges to create a sense of responsibility for not entering into this social-evil, which is ruining the families, state and country as well.
Thirdly, it is expected that the results of Dope Test will be positive and help in making the health environmental society and it need to be introduced at national level, for politicians contesting elections to stem the drug habit spreading in the country.
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