Celebration of Teacher’s Day as Gurutsav Divas – Modi’s live telecast on Teacher’s Day will tap fertile minds of young children

Every year, India celebrates Dr. Sarvpalli Radhakrishnan’s birthday on September 5 as Teachers’ day. This time, our Prime Minister, Narendera Modi, has decided to celebrate by renaming it as Gurustav Day by addressing direct to the students through electronic media, with a view to highlight the need of acknowledging the role of the teacher in building a great India.
But a row has erupted over the Human Resource and Development (HRD) Ministry’s directive to the schools under the Centre and state governments in which it has been told to the schools that arrangements should be made for live telecast of PM Narendra Modi’s speech on the occasion of Teacher’s day and the students should listen to the speech.
A debate started among the political parties, academicians, teachers, students and their parents, on the merits and de-merits of the circular as the media aired the news about the circular to the schools, which allegedly said that it was compulsory for the students to listen to the speech by PM Narendera Modi.
Teachers are the most important nation builders who constitute nation’s most precious national resources by guiding the children in their quest for knowledge, truth and to lead a life of dignity and self-respect.
At the same time, the teachers are invariably seen as front-line participants in educational reform, critical to successful quality schooling in our country. But, sadly, teachers are often excluded from policy-making, governance and management of our educational system as also from day-to-day instructional strategies and decision making.
However, the topic became so controversial at one point of time that Education Minister Smriti Irani had to come and clarify that it is not compulsory for the students to listen to the PM’s speech.
When we spoke to few people from the field of education and took their views on the merits and de-merits of the education ministry’s circular with reference to celebration of Teacher’s Day as Gurutsav Day.
Dr.Satinder Singh, Lecturer in Commerce in Government and national awardee says, this is the first time that teachers’ day importance have been understood at national level and efforts have been made to revive the old status of ‘Guru’. Earlier, only few teachers were called at Delhi and honoured but this time, articles on Teacher’s Day have been invited by the Ministry of Human Resources Development. Even at school levels, the articles from students have been invited with a view to honour best of them. Not only this, the celebrations like this time with the address of Prime Minister to the students direct on TV, it has been tried to fill-up the vacuum between the teacher and students. The celebrations of Teachers Day as Gurutav Divas at national level, after Dr.Sarvpalli Radhakrishanan, have compelled the Rahul Gandhi of Congress Party to celebrate this day by visiting his Amethi constituency.
Gazal Preet Singh, Principal Polywing SBS Tech. Campus says, “A good teacher understands the ability of each student in his class. Therefore, he creates an environment of bridging the minds of slow learners by helping them climb the steep learning curve. He makes his students think deeper into concept and be ahead in the competitive environment. Our PM Narendera Modi has taken lead by embarking upon a unique way of addressing live session in all schools on Teacher’s Day to tap fertile minds of young children and thereby planting seed of curiosity in them.
Mohinder Pal Singh President Govt. School Lecturer Union says, “Since the people have high expectations from our PM, not only students and teachers, rather every class should listen to him to know his vision for the future of India.
Vipan Sharma, Principal, S.D. Sr. Sec. School and social activist says, “Modi is man of national feelings and I fully support the initiative taken by him to address the students. Rather, the Chief Ministers should also address the teachers and students who can better convey their feelings in the regional language.
Frankly speaking, Teachers’ Day is the ideal day of telling our students that they are blessed because of their presence in our lives and the vision of Prime Minister Narendera Modi to address the students on this day, is commendable.
Earlier people used to call the same day as ‘Guru Ka Din’ but with modernization of society it had become Teachers’ Day. I think there is nothing wrong if it is renamed as Guru Divas as importance of the day remains the same.
The teachers should also feel their responsibility to justify their ‘Gurutav’ by giving the students the importance of moral values in addition to bookish knowledge.
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