People have shown ‘mirror’ to BJP in by-poll results

 There is a famous saying – Life is just a mirror, and what you see out there, you must first see inside of you. The recent by-poll results may not be seen as a big trend but it is clear that the people of the country are not ready to move towards the wind of BJP blindly.
After these results, the BJP cannot escape itself by saying that the by-poll results goes in favour of the ruling party when after its defeat in the Bihar elections, BJP has said like this. But this time, this logic works for UP but not in Rajasthan and Gujarat where return of Congress has surprised to all political leaders and pundits.
In UP, Samajwadi Party (SP) has won 8 out of 11 seats and three has gone to BJP. Manpuri seat has also gone to SP but winning of 3 seats in Gujarat – a castle of Modi – by Congress, speaks a lot. Likewise, in Rajasthan, where Congress was totally clean-up, Congress has secured 3 out of 4 seats. BJP has been giving a credit of its victory of Modi magic but for the current results, to which it will hold responsible.
It is only a thing to be said that the elections have been contested on local issues. Everybody knows that the intention of BJP was to contest the elections on the agenda of Central Government. The voter has tried to convey that tall claims of development are right at their place but the ruling party will be judged from its practicability and not simple talking. There is a need of peace and law & order in the country so that people could reach home safe after a daylong work.
In fact, the people have not liked the Hindutav agenda floated after coming in to power at the Centre by BJP especially the Sangh Parivar in UP. An effort has been made to create communal polarization. There have been riots in certain parts and it is not known as to when its wound would get healed. Efforts are still going on to spoil the situation. Not only this, certain central ministers are giving communal statements and both, PM and BJP senior leaders are mum over the issues.
This silence on the part of BJP has passed on a message that such out-spoken leaders are working on their signals. It looks that the results of by-poll is the outcome of the same. Obviously, it is the rejection of agenda of Hindutav by the BJP. Shortly, the elections are being held in Haryana and Maharashtra and Modi government has to understand it that merely talking would not suffice.
Frankly speaking, in case the BJP leaders continue to move forward on the communal agendas, then the BJP should be ready to face the consequences of big jolts in the time to come as people have shown ‘mirror’ to BJP in by-poll results.
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