BJP now has to win Delhi….. to build better political confidence to go ahead with bolder reforms

BJP’s tremendous performance in Haryana and its strongest party of Maharshtra are good news for further economic reforms, which Modi has recently announced – launching of labour reforms, diesel price deregulation and moderate hike in gas prices.
To put a complete check over the benami users, the subsidies will gradually shift to direct cash transfers.
Despite the fact that Modi has a short span of less than six months, but he has to start a big legislative agenda as the major elections fever will start again as Bihar is due by the end of 2015 followed by UP, West Bengal and Tamil Nadu. The elections are also due to Jammu and Kashmir and Jharkhand in coming next two months. But now these results are not going to have any impact on the over-all trend towards Modi wave.
Anyhow, BJP has to win Delhi to ensure that the reforms momentum is lost due to political loss or poor performance. With the capturing in Haryana and Maharashtra, Delhi now looks emphatically easier especially when the image of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) stands deteriorated by not winning a single seat in the last elections except four seats in Punjab only.
Winning Delhi will help to build better political confidence to go ahead with bolder reforms.

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