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People are now hopeful with one Orbit multiplex will be functioning in the upcoming years…
Cinema is one of the major sources of entertainment in this global village. It was invented by Edison, an American scientist. The cinema plays on important role in the social, moral, political and economic life. D.G. Phalke produced the first Indian silent film, Raja Harish Chandra in 1913. The era of talkie films started in 1931 with the producing of Alam Ara. India is the largest producer of feature films in the world.
Long back cinema served the purpose of educating but in these days it is only just meant for entertainment and it does not teach moral values to the people. Today, people do not like taking advice and films based on giving advice and moral to audience fails miserably. So the sole aim of the makers of cinema is to gain a profit from these films. At the same time, the primary aim of the typical movie-goer is probably entertainment,
Ferozepur, an old border town situated at India-Pakistan International Border, lacks in major developmental projects. Ferozepur, which was once considered a lifeline for traders before 1971, when the Border was open and trade with Pakistan was done through Hussainiwala, Pakistani traders used to come to the Ferozepur to buy and sell things.
Besides business, there was one more thing, which used to attract Pakistani visitors, “Indian Movies”. The cinema halls of this Border town were as famous in Pakistan as they were in Ferozepur.
People from Pakistan used to come to Ferozepur for business and some used to come to watch a glimpse of their favourite Indian film stars such as Shammi Kapoor, Dharmneder, Rajinder Kumar, Dalip Kumar and Dev Anand on the silver screen. “There was also a great following of Meena Kumari, Mumtaj, Madhubala, Surriya from Pakistan.
Some people from across the Border, used to come to watch movies and most of them were often found cheering with Indian audience”, says a veteran.
While there is a rapid growth of PVRs, all over the state during the last few years, especially, in the bigger towns like Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Amritsar and Chandigarh of course as this border district of Ferozepur has an altogether different story to narrate as out of the five cinema houses – Raja Talkies, Amar Talkies, Joshi Palace, Shimla Talkies and Memorial Talkies in army area – which had been established here a long time back, four have already been shut down and fifth one is reportedly incurring losses and struggling to survive in today’s changing scenario, as the building is in shambles and aristocrat audience hardly appears to see any movie in the hall.
Ferozepur had five cinema halls,. But sadly, now only one of them is functioning. Amar Talkies, the only cinema hall functioning, also presents a deserted and neglected appearance. The building is in shambles and aristocrat audience hardly appears to see any movie in the hall. Rests of the three were closed due to one or another reason.
There used to be an English movie in the morning show on every Sunday when mostly army officers come to watch and special show for ladies on Thursday, when they were free from washing of clothes as a superstitious rituality.
Whenever a relative in a family comes to Ferozepur, there is no place to be seen or source of entertainment except the retreat ceremony at Hussainiwala Indo-Pak border, to witness the hostile gestures being exchanged by the sentinels of BSF and Pakistani Rangers.
The closing of cinema halls not only hit the residents but also made life of those difficult who used to get employment through cinema halls. Among them there were ushers, cycle stand contractors, canteen contractors, gatekeepers and others who had to opt for other professions after spending their lives in cinema halls.
Akriti Kataia, aspirant for PCS and getting coaching at Chandigarh belongs to Ferozepur. She says, the district generally referred by the politicians as being under rapid development. But still a number of aspects need to be brought to the notice of the concerned authorities that includes the void created in the lives of the citizens of this district due to the lack of PVRs here. The people who can’t travel to nearby towns for viewing the latest release of Bollywood are deprived of entertainment. X This devoid of PVRs in Firozpur needs to b taken into notice soon n curbed.
Shikha Sikri, working as HR in IT Company says, Cinema is a mighty source of social commentary and recreation. It uplifts the minds of people. Having no cinema at a particular place deprives people of entertainment, and economically speaking, potential employment opportunities diminish. Although, perceiving this would not be fair, but not having a movie theater also tends to depict the poor social and economic state of that particular area and people are generally not taken as forward thinkers and parallel to modern urban society. Suresh Narang, an old timer sharing his views said, “We used to go to watch a movie with friends, used to have great fun during the weekends. But now over the year, the entire cinema hall is closed.”
Shelly a friend from Nigeria was shocked to hear that there is no place for amusement or fun in Ferozepur. Since now my family is settled in Chandigarh Union Territory, it is very difficult for me to live at such place which does not have even a single multiplex.
Sakshi Luthra,pursuing post graduation in PU, belongs to Ferozpeur, says if there would be no cinema or any source of entertainment then life would be monotonous..our lives will not be more imaginative, creative and innovative as well. Moreover, cinema plays a vital role to know more about the realities and imaginative ideas of the writers, producers and directors.
The residents of Ferozepur are hopeful that there will be at least one multiplex functioning in the upcoming year. Orbit, one of the leading multiplex companies is planning to launch a multiplex in 2015. It seems that the thirst for entertainment for the residents of Ferozpur, will be ending soon.
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