Post Poll Analysis – Yes, Congress is now shrinking faster than expected

Congress will lose its identity as national party by becoming a regional player
BJP is now becoming the strongest national party under the leadership of Narendera Modi, who became Prime Minister with majority without any support from any political party.
With the Modi wave going in the entire country, the record 75.9% assembly polls in Haryana since 2000 starting from 69%, is likely to create a history in politics, if BJP comes in power in Haryana and Maharashtra.
During 2009, the BJP got all of four seats in Haryana and 46 in Maharashtra as a junior of the Shiv Sena. But now it is being predicted as the single largest party in both the states.
In Haryana, it is expected around 37 – short of majority with 8 seats and 125 seats in Maharsshtra 125 – short of 17 seats from halfway mark of 144.
While Chanakya, a maverick pollster, gave the BJP a clear majority of 52 seats in Haryana and 151 in Maharashtra.
The Sena is likely to be a runner-up in Maharashtra with seats in between 55-77 and in Haryana, India National Lok Dal (INLD) of Om Parkash Chautala, now a convict and in jail, with possible of 28 seats only.
There is going to be a ‘hulchul’ in Indian politics, especially in the Punjab adjoining state of Haryana where SAD-BJP has alliance but SAD is supporting INLD in Haryana. The reaction was seen with the aggressiveness of Navjot Singh Sidhi, three time MP from Amritsar campaigning for BJP in Haryana.
It will be easier for BJP to find partners in Maharashtra to reach the halfway mark, with choice of allies including the independents. Hardly there will be a need of support from Sena but could become the main opposition.
Whereas in Haryana, the position could be different as INLD could be a strong opposition.
In the past it is seen that electorate wants give a stronger mandates and click over the party with clear message and forming a stable government.
Since the Congress is now shrinking with a speed beyond one’s expectations and after the loss of two more states, it will be left with only five states – Karnataka, Kerala, Himachal, Uttarakhand and Assam. It will lose its identity as national party by becoming a regional player.
Frankly speaking, Modi had to work hard with the allies both at the Centre and States as the defeated parties will try to maintain a strong opposition or anything can happen in the game of politics.
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