Akali Dal is worried about Chair and not Punjab’s affair

With the BJP in power at the Centre, the Punjab BJP having sworn alliance with the Shiromani Akali Dal (Badal) had become active. The controversy between the two started when SAD despite having alliance in Punjab supported INALO in Haryana during the recent elections. Though it could not come in power in Haryana but it created a fissure which started increasing day by day.
Both – the increasing pressure and its impact between the SAD & BJP and BJP-led government in Haryana, could be dangerous for Punjab. In future, the decisions on the joint issues of Punjab and Haryana cannot be ruled out to be in favour of Haryana.
In fact, it has become a compulsion for Akalis to continue with the BJP to save its government and for this Akalis are ready to bear any loss to Punjab.
No doubt, the popularity of Bharitya Janata Party (BJP) all over the country is proving a great loss to the regional parties even if they are having alliance with the BJP like in Punjab with the Akalis which too is not a distinction and helpless to accept it.
We know, during the last Assembly elections, SAD having alliance with BJP in Punjab had given a support to its old friendly party INALO openly and the resentment among BJP leaders was but natural which former MP Navjot Singh Sidhu had expressed on the stages during the rallies. Ultimately BJP formed the government in Haryana while it got a grand success at other places.
After that, the wave of statements like separation and divorce started coming from the Punjab BJP leaders in a threatening style. Even Navjot Sidhu had sit on dharna against the Akali Dal.
On the other hand, Akali Dal understands that had there not been support of BJP High Command, none of the leader could have dared to speak against the Akali Dal in Punjab and thought to remain mum over the issue and had to remain on back foot on certain issues.
The BJP pressure could be seen during the recently concluded World Kabaddi Cup at village Badala when Haryana BJP Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar was invited as special guest of the function. It is a clear cut indication of increasing pressure between the two parties by inviting Khattar as special guest who had been opposed during the elections whereas Akali Dal normally invites INALO leaders on such occasions.
It may also be mentioned here that Chief Minister Haryana had already announced that the joint issues of Punjab and Haryana will be in favour of Haryana even if BJP had alliance in Punjab. In such a situation, the BJP High Command will definitely be in favour of Haryana because here the government is of BJP with full majority whereas there are no such chances in Punjab as of now.
Frankly speaking, in the coming days, BJP High Command to give benefit to Haryana could play badly with the interests of Punjab which Akali Dal will not tolerate as they are more concerned with their Chairs instead of affairs of Punjab. In such circumstances, the distance between the parties is likely to be widened and may lead to clashes even with the Congress when the interests of Punjab will be at stake.
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