U-turn or V-turn : Badal Sarkar Force Vs Border Security Force

January 05, 2015 HARISH MONGA 0 Comments

“Create awareness to stop intake of narcotics among youths which will automatically bring an end to  its inflow in Punjab”
January 5 will be remembered as a ‘special day’ in the history of politics when the political party –Shiromani Akali Dal- had staged three dharnas near the international Indo-Pak border districts – Amrritsar, Fazilka & Ferozepur – to create awareness about narcotics by taking a “U-turn” from its initial announcement by Sukhbir Singh Badal, Deputy Chief Minister Punjab& President, Shiromani Akali Dal that it will organize protests on the international border to pressurize the Border Security Force  (BSF) to stop entry of drugs from Pakistan side by keeping a greater vigilance along the border with Pakistan to stop flow of narcotics into the state.
In fact, the U-turn term has arrived from the road signs when one on the highway goes beyond the reaching point and come back to the same point by taking U-turn. U-turns are prohibited for various reasons and it has to be taken only when there is an indication through a road sign board.  But in politics, it is normally seen when the politicians give some statement without caring for its impact and when reacted by the public, they too take U-turn by changing the statement with some other meaning.
Similar thing has happened with Sukhbir Singh Badal by taking a U-turn saying that the sit-in near the border is only to create awareness against the drug menace.
Congress made it issue of debate by strongly criticizing the SAD describing its dharnas at three places near the international border as highly demoralizing for the force and demanding slapping of sedition charge against SAD President Sukhbir Sihgh Badal.
However, later on Parkash Singh Badal, Chief  Minister, Punjab who is known as a seasoned politicians and tackling the crisis situation within the party, clarified that the proposed dharnas should not be misconstrued against the BSF or any other government agency.  Badal casually raised his voice for the joint efforts by the Union and State governments to tackle the narcotics flow in Punjab to make the State free of drugs by eradicating it.
Besides, he also demanded the sealing of international, borders to put a ban on other States like Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh for cultivating narcotics in order to eliminate drug abuse.
With the U-turn from the original announcement, the leaders too tuning the same music in their speeches like – “We have to reply to the false advertisement of Congress. It’s a conspiracy to defame the Akalis. We are not against the BSF, rather we have come to appreciate and appeal them to plug the remaining pockets for inflow of drugs to Indian side. Punjabis are being unnecessary labeled as addict like earlier as terrorists.  Punjab youths are not addict rather neighbourer’s are who are producing narcotics as Punjab is not producing any such crop.  Congress is maligning SAD’s reputation over drugs. With public participation, second battle against drugs is being fought. SAD fully backs BSF efforts to stop inflow of drugs. SAD blasts Congress for weakening war against drugs.”
Even one of the Cabinet Minister Tota Singh demanded that ‘Dope Test’ should be mandatory for entry in to the ‘Law-makers Houses – Assembly, Lok Sabha Rajya Sabha’ like in sports with clear intention to clear our own house first.
The huge gathering at all the three dharnas was with the announcement of addressing the leaders and workers by Sukhbir Singh Badal himself but he could address only at Atari and the people who had come from off places were seen as saying it as a political stunt just to divert the attention of the public from the charges leveled against Vikramjit Majithia, Finance Minister – a close relative of Badals.
Frankly speaking, the dharnas at three places near the international border confirm the initial announcement of pressuring the BSF rather it was a demoralizing act on the part of SAD.  Whereas, it is a matter of record that there had been huge seizure of heroine during the past by the BSF jawans.
However, the war against drugs is need of the hour but targeting the para-military forces deployed at the international borders cannot be blamed alone.  The real culprits are its consumers, the youths of Punjab for which we have to create awareness among the youths at all level so that its intake is stopped.  If there will be no taker for narcotics in Punjab, its inflow will automatically come to an end. We should not take U-turns rather V-turns.

“Create awareness to stop intake of narcotics among youths which will automatically bring an end to  its inflow in Punjab” January 5 w...