Will the Censor Board improve its working?

Censor Board must improve its working style for the purpose it has been constituted…
With the resignation of Leela Samson, Chairperson Censor Board over the issue of giving clearance to movie MSG –the Messenger of God, the government has nominated new Chairman and its members. India’s film censorship organization is in crisis after resignation of its Chairperson amid complaints of interference, coercion and corruption alongwith 12 members. The term of old members had already ended and its new members were due for induction. But the way Arun Jaitely, Information and Broadcasting Minister criticized the resignation by members of Censor Board as political motivated, it was being expected that the working of the board will be handed over to those persons, who have no connection with the political party. It happened otherwise.
When I first read the advertisement for the controversial film –MSG – I could not make out what does this mean without going through the bye line – Messenger of God. But when I searched on Google, I could find a number of meanings of MSG from Wikipedia – MSG stands for Monosodium glutamate a salt that is found in various foods naturally or artificially, Madison Square Garden company, MSG TV channel in US, MSG Varsity high school sports television network in NY and lastly added MSG – The Messnger of God, an upcoming controversial Indian film.

Not only this, there is also a mention of M S Gopalakrishnana, an Indian violinist, MSG a former Bloodhound Gang member, Misssouri State Guard, an American Civil War militia under Military head, Meteosat Second Generation.

Now in hot discussions MSG is – The Messenger of God, a191min action, comedy, drama film of 2015 directed by Jeetu Arora, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insaan who himself is a writer and actor with stars Daniel Kaleb, Fllora Saini. He has been shown as social reformer who works to help people fight against social evils.

Gurmeet Ram Ram Rahim Singh who has played a key role in the film is running a Dera Sachha Souda at Sirsa, as a real-life spiritual leader, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, playing himself while tackling drug addiction and curing deadly illnesses. Singh is the head of a controversial religious organisation, Dera Sacha Sauda (DSS).
In fact, spotlight is falling on political sympathies of replacement for censor board chief who resigned after ban on MSG: The Messenger of God was revoked by appeals board.

Certain communities, particularly the Sikhs are protesting against the ban of screening of the movie –MSG – Messenger of God, despite clearance given by Film Certification Appellate Tribunal (FCAT).
There had already been protests in Punjab on the Gurmit Ram Rahim Singh who had hurt the sentiments of the community when he had allegedly dressed up like the Sikh gugu, Gurun Gobind Singh and now the protesters alleged that the Dera cheif was projecting himself as God through his movie misleading his followers and the masses.
The existing Censor Board members are not only close to BJP but more loyalists than the BJP leaders. The newly appointed Chairman of Censor Board – Pehlaj Nihlani – immediately on taking over stated with pride about Modi as “Action Hero” and “Voice of the Nation”. He even said that in case he gives support to any party, what’s wrong in that, I am supporter of BJP and Modi.

There would not have been a surprise, had Nehlani said this even one day before taking over as Censor Board but speaking it after sitting on the chair of Censor Board, gives a clear indication to the producers of movies which itself needs to be censored. Through his flattery, Nihalani wants to convey to the film producers the style of movies reach to him or in other words, what type of these should not be.

There might be good days for other things but for the cultural and literary persons, the time looks to be not in their favour. Recently, Tamil novel Matorubagan – One Part Woman – by Perumal Murugan under political pressures was compelled to dismiss his own book terming it as anti-community, religion and woman. The critics of book perhaps must know that controversy could go to any scriptures of ancient time which allows the exchanging of wives. But Murugan is not seen giving any value judgement on this account. Then there is no reason behind protest at a later stage. It looks that such things will not leave a place for the national discretion.
Frankly speaking, the government has the right to nominate the Censor Board members of its choice but at the same time, the ruling parties too have right to agree or disagree with the same. But the question is to see its joint impact for the betterment of the country.
No doubt, Nihalani says his plan is to restore the CBFC’s “battered image” yet it is felt that Censor Board must improve its working style otherwise controversy issue will be a continued process without any fruitful results for the purpose it has been constituted.
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