AAP – Aam Aadmi Party : new political challenges with high expectations

Kejriwal & Company should focus on priorities what it can deliver comfortable to establish its identity.
AAP-a newly formed political party with broom as its symbol, though could not get the full majority to form the government in Delhi yet the people of Delhi have asked in the public meetings to form the government and are expected to be sworn in as Delhi Chief Minister by Lt. Governor Najib Jung.
Apart from running the government as per the aspirations of the common man expecting a major relief on various accounts right from kitchen to office, which will not be an easy task for Kejriwal and Company.
In fact, the problem with AAP is that it does not fit comfortably into any of its political parties system in India, because it is not based on inherited power, wealth, community, caste or language, but on the principle of integrity.
It is observed that the politicians are not admitting the power of AAP as all have underestimated it and it has made them to sit and introspect the reasons behind it especially the two major parties – Congress and BJP.
If the Kejriwal has also the vision to give same performance at the national level but it will not be an easy task for a one year old party still in its infancy. But, it will too early to say something that it will stake its claim over the coming Lok Sabha-2014 elections. If at all, AAP gets even 30-40 seats, it is likely to give benefit to BJP for 200 plus seats as Congress is now seen as the third place party because of its failure on various fronts like controlling inflation, creating employment and above all, exposing in various scams.
No doubt, Modi a candidate for the post of Prime Minister, too is offering a vision of change within the existing political framework but the AAP is committing radical change outside the existing framework, as revolutions have always been from outside the system and not from within the system.
Entirely agreeing that that the people of Delhi have lion’s expectations from AAP government as Delhi election result was a milestone in India’s story of democracy and the light at the end of the tunnel is now brighter and now it is for Kejriwal’s team to ensure that the light burns brighter.
The support of Congress to AAP is nothing but have no other alternative to keep its identity in the politics at Delhi – the capital of India.
Whatever may the outcome of this historical politics turn in Indian politics by Aam Aadmi Party but it must keep in mind that other political parties want it to fail as is evident from the Congress conditional support from outside. Frankly speaking, AAP must choose its battles carefully and temper its expansion plans for contesting Lok Sabha-2014 elections. It should focus on what it can deliver comfortably to establish its identity.
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