Are Bandhs solution ? – A firm ‘NO’

October 19, 2015 HARISH MONGA 0 Comments

Are Bandhs solution  ? – A firm ‘NO’

Future needs to be a movement towards ethical, moral, social uprightness and gone are the days, the time for sowing the seeds of change is always there...


Bandhs  in Punjab in the past few days – are considered to be one of the most widespread and effective shutdowns since the cessation of militancy in Punjab.

The use of Bandhs to corner the government was a rare occurrence till the 90s but now it has become the first choice rather than the last choice of protest. 

When we talk about Bandhs, we immediately relate to an image of isolate streets, hooligans and vandals forcing down shutters, a hapless police looking on and a helpless common man getting torn between his responsibility towards his work and his safety considerations. Over the years, we have been witness to numerous bandhs on a variety of issues affecting some sections of society. 

The issue may be big or small - Can bandh or strike be the solution to the problem? The answer is, of course, a firm 'No' because of the fact that bandh or strike will not only paralyze the normal life but also cripple the supply of goods, which in turn would further push up their prices and exacerbate the economic condition of the people.

In fact, the agrarian crisis in Punjab over the scandalous purchase of a pesticide which damaged the cotton crop, landed in agitation from the farmers fronts with threats of rail-roko, followed by Dera Sachha Sauda issue first of non-screening of MSG-2 and then  exonerating its Chief Gurmeet Ram RAhim Singh for his alleged blasphemy act of presenting himself in an attire akin to that of the 10th Sikh Guru – Guru Gobnind Singh in 2007 and sacrilege of Guru Granth Sahib at various places.

All this has caused inconvenience to the people and this is the reason all classes have not joined the agitation.  The most affected in this agitation were students, daily commuters and those who had to go at far off places in view of their pre-engagements such as marriage, other family functions, for medical treatment etc.

The bandhs, rail-roko have not only put the government to colossal losses in crores but put backward the Punjab of terrorism like crisis which people have suffered for about a decade. 

What to say, even the Samjauhta Express and Bus service between India-Pakistan has to be suspended due to ongoing agitation in Punjab.  In the past, it is seen that whenever the relations between the two countries have come closer, some new issues have cropped to take both the countries at the back foot.

Frankly speaking, with the attack on SGPC members and the process of resigning by the SGPC members, the people of Punjab are fearing if the situation like now continued in the coming days the ‘Past’ may not become ‘Present’ .

Second, it looks to be a testing time for the seasoned politicians – Parkash Singh Badal and his son Sukhbir Singh Badal.  Rather it will be a litmus test for them to prove that they are still capable to deploy the still hidden skills in this tough time.

Third, the political parties must endeavor to educate the people on energy conservation measures for the development of the state. The key to tension-free environment depends on factors other than laws without checks and balances.  Badal tried to divert the attentions of the people by raising the different issues but hisl saying that one can defeat him in Chess Game but not in Game of Politics have proved wrong here.

Fifth, the present circumstances, when the Punjab industry has failed to adapt          I don’t think any Non-Resident-Indian (NRI) would invest in Punjab his hard earned money which there is always uncertainty over the happenings in the state on one or the other issue.

Sixth, the issue has the issue is a very complex one and there are no true solutions to this matter. At the same time, we cannot say that all possibilities are exhausted? Who will truly stand up united for a noble cause and choose to oppose the authority at considerable personal risk?

Last but not the least, the first change which needs to be made to bandhs is the destruction of property which does not result in good to anyone. This is a direct burden on the exchequer.

The involvement of local NGOs is the right step in the right direction to ensure transparency and strengthen the pillars of democracy in our nation. The future needs to be a movement towards ethical, moral, social uprightness and gone are the days, the time for sowing the seeds of change is always there. 

Changing of circumstances is always in our hands and to change our attitude as personal responsibility is more important which generally ends self in our society. So, Bandh is certainly not the right way to protest.

Are Bandhs solution  ? – A firm ‘NO’ Future needs to be a movement towards ethical, moral, social uprightness and gone are the days, t...