Frankly speaking, do not increase retirement age serious consequences involved – Over to Government!

About 30000 employees of Punjab Government are going to retire from 31st August 2012 to 2014 on attaining the age of superannuation, as per the rules. On retirement, the government besides retirement dues, the amount deposited in PPF account or any fund scheme will also be released to them as per their right. This amount comes to approximately Rs.1000 crore.
The present ruling government, during the past few days has floated the idea of extension in retirement age from 58 to 60 years. Earlier also this issue was in hot discussions and became debatable in view of fate of unemployed youths waiting for government jobs. The main plea being taken for giving extension in retirement age is that with the increase of this two years period, almost all the government offices and government schools will be affected with the vacant of posts. This is the version of the government but the factual position is that after the retirement of thousands of employees, a big amount has to be released by the government for giving dues, for which the government is very much worried.
No doubt, such statements are being issued right from the chief minister to downward in the administrative set-up to the extent there is no economic emergency in Punjab. The government is not short of funds for the development work but the internally it has gone weak from the financial point of view rather, we can say totally hollow but try to pose it externally. In case the retirement age is extended for two years, then the government will be burdened more one and a half times. During these years, the employees who will be retiring will be completing about 30-32 years’ service. The number of category III and IV are very less whereas the majority of the retiring are senior officers, having more than Rs.50,000 salary per month. At the same time, the dues of these officers will also be on the higher side.
In case, two years retirement age is extended, the responsibility for giving salary and other allowances will be that of the government. And when they will be retired after two years, the pension fund which now comes to Rs.10 lakhs approximately will increase to Rs.14 lakhs, as per the service rules.Besides this, they will continue to get a big package every month and on retirement, the pension amount will also be increased. The other effect will be the stagnation for two years of the junior officials, waiting for promotion on retirement of seniors.
Every year, the unemployed youths who are getting the higher qualifications, will be without job. In other words, the government will have to face number of problems with the increase of two years retirement age and among them, the unemployment is major one. There will be some unemployed youths, who will be crossing the age limit for joining the government service and will be compelled to do some unfair means which will give a birth to the crime in the state.
In case the government wants to come out of this financial crisis, then it must retire the officials on their due date without giving any extension and engage the persons on contract basis at Rs.10000 to Rs.15000 against the official retiring at the salary of Rs.50000.They can be given three years time to judge their ability and in case they do not work as per the requirement of job assigned to him, their services can be dispensed with.
To avoid the affect of retirement on schools, the teachers who are working for the last 8-10 years, can be considered to be shifted to senior secondary schools against the vacant posts and new appointments in primary schools may be done on contract basis. This will increase the number of employees without any burden on the government. The line of unemployed will be reduced to some extent and the education in the schools will not be affected. But in case the government, under any pressure, increases the retirement age for two years, the unemployed class will stand against the government including the government employees, who too are not interested for increase in retirement age; the government will be in great trouble with serious consequences.
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