Hike in Delhi MLAs wages – Kejriwal becomes KHAS (Important) from AAM (Common)

With the 400% hike in the salary of Delhi MLAs passed by the Assembly, it looks that Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister, Delhi who claims himself to be a member of Aam Aadmi Party (APP) – a common man, now becomes Khas (important).
No doubt the increase in a slew of allowances considering rising cost of living, but it has not been endorsed by the people who are already facing number of heavy taxes and the increase in wages is at the cost of a common man.
If the bill is approved by the Centre, then basic salaries of legislators will rise from current Rs 12,000 to Rs 50,000 and their overall monthly package will be around Rs 2.1 lakh as against existing Rs 88,000. Moreover, If the Centre approves the Bill, then salaries of Delhi legislators will among the highest in the country.

As per provisions of the bill, the basic salary of a minister will be Rs 80,000 which is currently Rs 20,000.
Meanwhile, the BJP and the Congress were quick to criticise the recommendations. BJP leader Vijender Gupta had said, “There is already an additional burden of Rs 7,000 crore on citizens as a number of taxes has been increased”. All this has been done to keep disillusioned AAP MLAs happy.
In all, they will get Rs.2.35 lakh inclusive of all allowances. Jharkhand is also giving Rs.2.10 per month.
The AAP has started its new term with the motto of simplicity.  Kejriwal had also pledged to  live like a simple man and denied the luxury car and house.
The surprise of certain people on this decision is natural despite the fact that the increase in wages can be justified with the increase in day today expenses but it must be logistic.  One can even say with the recommendations of 7th Pay Commission, the wages of certain class will be higher than the legislatures. Thus, the hike in their wages cannot be illogical.
It is also correct the household  expenses of the MLAs are normally over and above the government officers. They are not only to meet the day today expenses but also have to bear with the expenses on account of political activities.
But one thing is certain that the government talking at the high pitch about the simplicity must keep a limit over its expenses.
Numbers of questions are raised over the increase in wages of MLAs.  It is also alleged that the public representatives feel the impact of inflation but don’t feel the pulse of the public men. One of the major question is that when the Commission’s recommendations are invited for making hike in employees, labour and other categories then why the increase in wages of MLAs are implemented with their own recommendations.
But Delhi government has definitely adopted the different procedure – constituted a committee, then a bill was drafted on their recommendations and took the decision only after passing in the House. 
Frankly speaking, all these formalities are not going to dilute the charges of high and king like expenses, on Kejriwal government. AAP leaders and workers have to set an example for others to follow.
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