Kirti Azad (KA) Vs Arun Jaitely (AJ) : Is Bhartiya Janata Party working on the pattern of Congress?

The battle between Arun Jaitely (AJ) and Kirti Azad (KA) is growing a major crisis for the party and government as well.
Arun Jitely who has lived his public life with certain principles and everyone knows the entire BJP party leaders stands behind him. 

It is perhaps for the first time and unprecedented that party’s own leader has targeted its own Minister on the floor of the House.With the suspension of Lok Sabha Member Kirti Azad – cricketer-turned-politician – the political match which started with the allegations of DDCA – Delhi District Cricket Association - is not over but it has raised a big question as to whether BJP too is working on the pattern of Congress. While certain leaders have justified the suspension for making insinuations against FM Arun Jaitely in the DDCA Scam as the discipline was utmost important in the partyand no one should cross the ‘Laxman Rekha’.Not only this, the fissure between the suspended party has been widened because the meeting among Lal Krishan Advani, Murili Manohar joshi, Yashwant Sinha and Shanta Kumar on the second day are clear indication towards this. It is an admitted that these four old timer leaders have been ignored in all major decisions of the party. They have already created a furore over fixing accountability and making comments on analysis of defeat of BJP in Bihar elections. Though they have not yet commented but this meeting is definitely raised the eye brows of leaders within the party. In fact, BJP has tried to convey a message that intolerance in the party will not be tolerated and it is a warning to others. Had this any impact could be known in the times to come.On the other hand, Kirti Azad had shown his intention to file a case the court for speedy investigation of DDCA Scam besides asking the PM Modi to investigate into the matter. Actor-turned-politician Shatrughan Sinha has too come in support of Kirti Azad terming him as a Hero and warned the party not to act under coercion from someone. KA has even got the support from Subramanayam Swami.In case this practice of supporting Kirti Azad continued then against how many number of leaders the BJP will take action. There is possibility that some politicians within the party may be against Jaitely and wanted to settle their own scores or create a problem for Amit Shah who too had been in controversy. One thing is certain that by suspending KA, the issue of DDCA Scam cannot be set aside simply on account of indiscipline and intolerance and has to be brought in black and white. During the Lok Sabha elections, to eradicate the ‘corruption’ has been main agenda of the BJP party but it is speaking the same language of Congress. Nandini Azad – a close relative of KA - has announced to produce certain documents against Kirti Azad and it is obvious that the dispute is not only within the party but in his own family also. It is not understood as to why she is mum over her own statement so far. May it be taken as a new way to save Arun Jaitely (AJ) by threatening KA. Frankly speaking, with the floating of letter by KPS Gill former IG Police and head of Hockey India League, another chapter could be opened against AJ with charges of giving of benefit to Beja daughter of Aurn Jaitely through Hockey India. PM too has shown sympathy towards him but it would not be an easy task to save AJ from the shot of KA as the BJP thinks.

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