Decision for comprehensive bilateral dialogue between Indo-Pak is a ‘Welcome Step”

Over to Dialogue!
To put an end to terrorism, the dialogue across the table is only the need of the hour otherwise leveling charges and having counter-charges will not bring any solution to the problem...

During the visit of Sushma Swaraj, External Affairs Minister to Islamabad in Pakistan and with both sides – India and Pakistan agreeing to a Comprehensive Bilateral Dialogue on various issues is a ‘welcome step’ by both the countries.
The other issues include Opening of Hussainiwala Border, Peace and Security, Jammu and Kashmir, Siachen, Economic and Commercial Cooperation, Counter-Terrorism, Narcotics Control, Humanitarian issues, People to People exchanges and religious tourism.
India’s readiness to receive Afghanistani trucks through Attari has ignited the hope among the people of border town Ferozepur for the reopening of Lahore-Hussainiwala border for trade purposes which remained closed after the Indo-Pak war during 1971. 
During the tenure of Atal Bihari Vajpayee in 1997, the composite dialogue was initiated and later on, it was called ‘resume dialogue’ and now ‘comprehensive bilateral dialogue’. The meaning of all these is ‘overall’. The talks between India and Pakistan means, all issues including Jammu and Kashmir will be discussed. 
A dead lock was created after 26/11 incident at Mumbai and now after a long time, there consensus to start the dialogues and it must be welcomed despite the fact that many ‘ifs and buts’ are attached still exists. In fact, India is a supporter of peace and harmony with the neighbourer countries and at the global level also. After the independence of India, there was a dire need to work on various issues to stand on its own feet and everybody knows the efforts made by the first Prime Minister of India -Pt.Jawahar Lal Nehru to maintain world peace through Panchsheel etc. and its rules are still a part of our foreign policy. Both the countries have suffered a lot after the partition with the bifurcation of India from Pakistan. 
Now very few are left to tell the tales of those dangerous days but it is unfortunate that we have not learnt from the partition. It looks that it is going to passed on from generations to generations. The new generation is being misguided in the name of religion and they are also being used as scapegoat for political interests. They are also being deprived of their right to education, employment and better living standard. 
Terrorism may end, there may be a solution to the controversial issues, budget for education and health should be above the budge of security – then there looks to be ray of hope for better future and the present initiative of talks between India and Pakistan gives strength to the hope. 
The dialogues between the two countries are yet to start but the questions have started coming up which are natural keeping in view the past record of attitude of Pakistan. Till such time, it has happened the moment the initiative for talks is taken, there are attacks, entry of intruders or spying is started. 
On the other hand, Kargil War was seen that we have been double-crossed. Trainings to terrorists are given on the land of Pakistan by organizing special camps which is a known fact to the world that democratic government in Pakistan is under the influence of ISI and Army.
Because of all these negativities – Do we think that dialogues will have any meaning and bring normalcy on both the lands? There is always a fear in the minds of people with the support of advance technology support of nuclear powers to both the countries.
Frankly speaking, the left over older timers of pre-independence don’t have any hope of settlement between India and Pakistant. But at the same time, to put an end to terrorism, the dialogue across the table is only the need of the hour otherwise leveling charges and having counter-charges will not bring any solution to the problem.
Over to Dialogue! 

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