BJP High Command still perplexed over election to Punjab President

BJP High Command still perplexed over election to Punjab President

Continuance of Kamal Sharma for the next term could prove beneficial for the Bhartiya Janata Party especially when  Kamal Sharma is having a good rapport with the SAD leaders…

With the postponement of election to the post of Punjab BJP President on expiry of present term of Kamal Sharma, at the eleventh hour without fixing new date, it looks that the BJP High Command is still bewildered, confused, perplexed and puzzled.

In fact, the existing Punjab President BJP Kamal Sharma, is enjoying the support from the Shirmani Akali Dal which has sworn alliance, the day he was elevated to this post to suppress the voice of BJP leadership over the construction of martyrs’ memorial in the Golden Temple complex.

Earlier the dates to the election were postponed by attaching with the election of Union Territory President, followed with the visit of Prime Minister Narendera Modi to Chandigarh and finalization of National BJP President.

Now the election to the Chandigarh unit of the BJP was also postponed and will take place along with that of Punjab. Sanjay Tandon, two termsparty-incharge in the union territory, as per the party regulations,  had to give up the claim, and a new face will be brought in.

Now the Amit Shah has been re-elected as National President but none of the groups of BJP in Punjab could not get  finalized the Punjab BJP President even camping at Delhi.

While Kamal Sharma group is trying to get him continued at President,  Avinash Rai Khanna’s faction is pressuring for him.  Apart from these two leaders, about half a dozen leaders were also in fray for Punjab BJP President but none of them could stand against the names of the two groups headed by Kamal Sharma and Avinash Rai Khanna.

Added here, Khanna is a Rajya Sabha member from Hoshiarpur and his term will end in April. Earlier also, he was the state president in 2003 and under his command the party had won the highest ever 19 of the 23 seats in the 2007 assembly polls.

On the other hand, Kamal Sharma had not contested any Assembly election and enjoyed the post by virtue of his active association with the RSS and the party,

As per the sources, the party High Command may take a decision well before the Budget Session of the Parliament as to whether Kamal Sharma may be continued or someone else may be given this responsibility in the election year.

Its’ not official but sources said, Amit Shah has also reported to have reviewed with the senior leaders of BJP including the National Secretary Tarun Chugh. He too was asked to represent as Punjab BJP President but he preferred to work at the centre level but supported for repeating Kamal Sharma as Punjab BJP President.

Insiders say the party is looking for a new face in Punjab and planning to bring in Avinash Rai Khanna, who currently is the national election in-charge of the party. One version is also here for ignoring the name of Kamal Sharma that certain party workers at his native place were involved in corruption scam.  While his PA is in jail facing trial in the court, his OSD is absconding as he has been denied bail by the High Court.

Notwithstanding the BJP despite being in sworn alliance with the SAD is in crisis, the party looks to be interested to lead the party with new faces.

Frankly speaking, a section of the BJP feels deserted in the ruling alliance with the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) in Punjab and is pushing the party, if not to break the alliance, then at least to bargain for a larger share of seats in the upcoming State Assembly elections in 2017.
Presently,  the Punjab Assembly has 117 seats, with the distribution of seats in the BJP-SAD alliance heavily slanted in favour of the latter, with BJP contesting on 23 seats and the SADon 94 seats.
At the same time, there is an extensive feeling among BJP workers and leaders in Punjab that despite being sworn and active partner of the government – holding four cabinet berths in the ministry – the party hardly has any role in the decision-making process.
The Assembly elections in Punjab are due during early 2017 and this perhaps being the election year and time left is very short, rather months countdown have started, it would not be advisable for the BJP to project a new face in Punjab.  The continuance of Kamal Sharma for the next term could prove beneficial for the Bhartiya Janata Party especially when  Kamal Sharma is having a good rapport with the SAD leaders.

Also added here, the BJP-SAD alliance in Punjab has been under sprain after the alliance’s performance in the 2014 parliamentary elections was seen as below par on both sides.

But it can be safely said that the BJP High Command is still perplexed over election to Punjab President.  To stop the rounds of other senior leaders and also in the interest of the party being the election year, early decision in this regard would be more appropriate right now.
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