Managing an event has become cakewalk these days!

Gone are the days when everything was arranged for any event in the family by assigning the specific duty to each member of the family to make the function a grand success. But now organizing an event can seem like an incredibly overwhelming task. And without organization and thinking ahead, it can be just by engaging the Event Organizing Agency.
One has to just define the event's purpose, set goals, tell your budget, decide the time and venue to the agency. The agency has to only coordinate with some specialized people to deliver the result as per the discussions held before the event.
The host has to keep ready the list of invitees and heavy wallet to make the payment instantly.
What to say even one of the event agency has given the slogan - Munda Kudi Tuhada Baki Kam Sada - Only the boy and girls are yours, rest of the work is ours.
Engaging the Event Agency for any ritual or function in your family is a new concept. Perhaps, people have the money but don't have time to plan and arrange and manage any ritual in the family.
The internet has played a vital role rather made things easy as you can plan anything while sitting over a laptop but you have just to be clear about the outputs requirement so that inputs are received accordingly. It just reminded me the computer based term of GIGO - Garbage In Garbage Out - meaning thereby that whatever instructions you will give to your Event Manager (EM), he will give you the results in view of that.
Let me share with you that the event was not in my family but an official conference in which the delegates were to attend from far off places and making arrangements for booking of hall, infrastructure for power point presentation, mementos for the chief guest, guest of honours, key-note speakers and certain recognition of employees, who have done excellent job during the year on the particular project, which brought laurels to the company.
Everything was discussed in detail including the budget and the Event Manager wished us all the best with a word that - Sir, you all please come to the Conference Hall just hands in your pockets and go back with hands out of the pocket.
But on the day of event just at the eleventh hour, it came to my mind that 'reporters' have not been engaged to highlight the outcome of the discussions in the conference in the media. The Event Manager refused to entertain my request as it was not a part of the agreement for organizing the event.
Since it was an important issue and despite the fact that I don't have any experience in this line, I personally went to one of the media houses for the purpose. I was in a hurry and confused at that time that I asked the reporter sitting on the other side of the table with his back towards me - Sir, "I want to the engage the reporters for the conference to show-up in the media. Will you please tell me the charges?
Frankly speaking, I was taken aback for a moment when the person revolved his chair towards me, he was none than the schoolmate sitting on the chair - to whom we used to call PT - who has joined the profession of journalism because of his skill for creative writing from the very beginning. He said, Dear Dido, journalists are not engaged; they are just informed about the event, it is their duty to do the coverage. But its publication is in the hands of Editor of the newspaper.
To my good luck, the event was successfully concluded and covered by the media persons, without any obstruction. Next day, the morning newspapers were full of headlines on the front page about the conference. PT not only obliged but used his writing alertness to give a headline, which was free of libelous statements and contain no violations of security, accuracy, policy and politeness.
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