Media – print or digital – which one is most credible!

Media – print or digital – which one is most credible!

By Harish Monga Dido

From the day one, the digital world came into existence; the print media has gone at the back foot.  At the same time, the rapid widespread influence of the internet and social media, it has also become a challenge for the marketing world and lost in thought to find the answer to the print and digital debate as to which one is most credible.

Keeping aside all this, what I experienced during the last decade is important to be shared that since the beginning of mobile, I had never dependent on its mobile, due to battery down, virus etcetera but maintaining telephone dairy which people used to keep in their pocket.

Similar is the position about the debate going on now a day over print and digital. In this fast moving world, everyone is interested to know instantly as to what is happening around you and don’t want to wait for the print paper on the next day.  The electronic media has overpowered the print houses and they have been left with no other choice except to start parallel web portals.
Some even ask, “Is print dead?”

More so, with the invention of Smartphones, hardly any one keeping is seen without moving of thumb to be in touch with the friends circle on social sites – Facebook, whats App, twitter etc.

According to another study, majority of the readers go through the headlines now a day except those who are interested in some particular news, article, literature in detail for study or research purposes.

Despite my being writing for the online portals, I still hold good for the printed material like maintaining the personal telephone directory having no risk of electronic gadget going out of order.  

No doubt, the WWW-world wide web is convenience, cheap cost and extensive reach but while it has many pluses, it has some minuses also.
It appears that there are exclusive benefits to print media that companies should not overlook.

The only minus factor is that the digital world is dependent with 24x7 power supply and fast browsing facility otherwise one feels to wait for the print material.  The electronic gadgets like mobiles, laptops, Tabs, iPads are definitely helping in writing, editing and transmitting the matter to far off places with the blinking of eyes but the choice of print form is still alive. 

Frankly speaking, print and digital media triumph in areas where the other means are lacking.  Thus, when used in conjunction, they would definitely compliment the failings and strengths of each medium. Print has its boon in its tangibility, high level of engagement and superior brand recognition.

At the same time, the print is rather considered to have credibility as compared to digital media. However, the digital media’s strong point lies in multimedia storytelling, low cost advertisements and its wide audience reach.

Last but not the least, print is not dead yet! The printed word is still the unchallenged champion of credibility, perceived widely as more so than anything on the web. There is an old proverb that says, If someone invested enough to print and mail it - it must be important. Media consumers are still of the view that newspapers and magazines are credible and educational and more trusted than digital sources.

Hardly there is a day, when I don’t get a call from my nears and dears asking me to please give a particular number from my handwritten telephone directory – which is just like printed material managed during the last so many years by me - as the memory of my digital gadget has lost. So, the print is still is very much an integral part of the readers choice.

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